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last night was the first time in 4 months that i had stepped into a proper club. despite our group being halved at the last minute, thanks to inconsiderate pangsehing behaviour of a few and a very sick becky ): , we decided to follow through with the plan and head to zouk.

haha luckily i managed to improvise the drinking plan and got us a smaller bottle of bacardi at holiday inn for just $28. and it was just sufficient for the three of us to get tipsy.

phuture was just as crowded though. haha sometimes i dont know why i constantly subject myself to the bad music and pervy crowd, but this time i do- because butter fact is kinda sleazy now: slutty pole dancing, beer bongs and body shots, basically just inviting more men to behave badly.

haha yes, alternatively, staying and home and reading a good book  is a solution to my complaints. but as usual la, geh kiang…

made a terrible mistake of underestimating my alcohol tolerance, which has definitely diminished since the wilder times last year, and ended up with too much to drink. felt the worst in my life, and when i got home, i had to double the effort to remove make-up, shower and get into bed clean- stuff that i normally can do even after leaving zouk when mambo ends at 4am. i concussed the moment my head hit the pillow, and slept all the way until 12pm.

really damn geh kiang. today i woke up with a throbbing headache and severe nausea, coupled with hunger. you know how shitty that is? it’s like you want to eat, but when you think of food, you feel like puking. and then you feel hungry again, till the sensation makes you want to puke, and so you eat. and after eating, you feel like puking again. omg confusing!!!

but i feel alot better now, although i had to hold my breath when cleaning my earrings with the alcohol swabs, cos the smell of it really nauseates me. ok lesson well learnt. next time cannot be so geh kiang…

my dress from ASOS! 45 pounds well spent (:

last week, while having lunch at Clarke Quay, i discovered this sticky candy shop in the basement of Central! i was so amazed at all the colours of the candy, and the way that they were putting all the dough together so that they formed words and patterns in the white space of the candy. i watched a video before of how candy like that are made. but seeing all the different variants of candy patterns and trying to imagine how each one can be crafted is just mind boggling!

so yesterday when jeremy produced this bottle of candy from his bag for me, you can just imagine how i must’ve squealed- yea i did, not very glamorous but whatever!

the candy actually tastes good too! not the cheapo rock candy that i remember as a child and are one of the reasons why i always prefer chocolates over sweets.

anyway here are also pictures from becky’s potluck party!

no, we were not reading newspapers hahaha

trying to pretend like we were not just fb stalking lol!

ok back to wasting the rest of the afternoon away with reading a good book, yes something i should have done last night. really geh kiang….


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