the first S/U

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as tradition goes, here’s a breakdown of my emotions upon receiving that crucial SMS. yes, with the advent of technology, i have now been able to suscribe to a service that texts me my results at 730 am in the morning, much earlier than the stipulated online release of results at 9 am. although a great convenience, i must say that some things shouldn’t be made too damn convenient…

but you see, i thought results were supposed to be out at 9am strictly. nonetheless, i had a very sleep-interrupted night, and even more so towards the dreaded hour. i woke up twice to pee, and at 830 am, i just decided to poke my iPhone to see if they decided to put me out of my misery and just sent me the damn thing already.

and they did…

i had to blink all the sleep away and focus hard enough to take a calculator and count the CAP for this sem. much to my relief, i did better than expected (:

econs B+

biotech B+

pharmaco A-

pharm pract A-

microbiology A

all kind of expected except pharm pract. hahaha i really thought i was doomed for a B+ because of the severe rush for time when i only had 5 hours to cram a semester worth of information into my pharmco-saturated brain. but luck helped me pull through, and i am grateful.

i S/Ued my econs because i havent used any S/U yet and i have 4 semesters to go, so about time to start using my student privileges haha. so i’ve upped my CAP from 4.4 to 4.5 this semester. overall, my CAP still stand at 4.38, miles away from sitting in the spacious first class cabin of my cohort and enjoying premium red wine and caviar of career options. chances are, if i double the effort to slog through what is renown as hell-sem at the end of the year, i might actually get the golden ticket (:

yea scoff all you want because i don’t get dean’s list this sem, but the laminated copy of it on my wall serves to remind me to be grateful no matter what. of course anything below 4.1 and i would be quite resentful, but despite dropping a full 0.3 this sem, i’m cool, because i did my best. and also because i still have no idea how i got 4.7 last sem hahaha.

now to kick back and truly enjoy the remaining 3 weeks of my freedom 😀


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  1. Congrats!!! and i’m your blog’s 16000 hit.


  2. congrats! you get special prize on wed!


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