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wow this week was so much more awesome than the last!

i had company almost every day of the week and the days seemed to have flown by so quickly! soon i’ll be regretting that the week is over and i’d finally have to meet my maker on results day, cum monday the 31st…

well screw that now, it’s all too late for anything anyway.

on tuesday i bromanced with shen and moey. haha always a joy to listen to them bicker about everything under the sun, learning new bro-lingo along the way. i brought monopoly deal and we sat at starbucks raffles place for 2 solid hours just playing the cool new game! they were nice enough to teach me new tricks along the way, and eventually i pwned their asses at a number of games.

once, i won 3 times in a row and that earned me the privilege to gain entry into their little trust circle (actually previously a two point line, but my acceptance made it a trust triangle) for a particular piece of juicy gossip- and i’m a real whore for gossip, so i’m so glad i managed to accomplish the sole task that stood between me and juicy gossip, and it was worth it ūüėČ

this week i also dropped by Clarke Quay twice this week to lunch with NAC boy. on tuesday i had lunch at 13 Circular road, which is 2 streets across Central, and had very famous nasi padang at Sinar Pagi. the begedel was so soft and yummy, like mash potato inside a thin crispy skin. the meat in the beef rendang also very tender, unlike the ones i have tried. although it’s not cheap for 3 dishes, mine cost like $5.50. but good value if you compare eating up-there nasi padang and barely-there waraku udon for $16, which is what i had when i went again on thursday.

the udon noodles were good, very soft and chewy, just the way i like them. but it felt like the entire time, i was just eating noodles. the minced meat so bloody small, the bowl so big like freaking pensieve!

my hard drive of memories swimming in the dodgy liquid

i believe Harry Potter had an easier time extracting Professor Slughorn’s memory than me finding actual scraps of meat to eat with my noodles.

but starting next week, i resolve to stick to less than $10 per meal budgets until i feel more secure about my financial status. and in singapore, it’s definitely possible to get food for less than $10, dunno wth i’ve been doing with my money. so careless!

and since Clarke Quay is a mere MRT station away from Chinatown, i took the opportunity to stock up on my supplies. like i’ve mentioned before, at Chinatown MRT, exit at People’s Park Complex. then when you get out from the escalator, walk straight to the building that has a hawker centre on the first level. then go up to the third floor, and the entire level is a haven of pseudo-Guardian/Watsons shops, but selling stuff wayy cheaper than what you see in the latter.

given Veet for example, the largest tube of Veet (the green/pink 3 minute hair remover one) costs $17.50. but i usually buy mine for only $9. and i Veet once every 2-3 weeks, so one large tube can last you about 2-3 months!

hairy legs irk me...

btw bromance on tuesday taught me that boys reallyyyyyyy run the other way when they see hair on a girl’s legs, no matter how hot. imagine megan fox with curly leg hair. wrong right?

anyway personally, hair also irks me. it may seem like extra effort to Veet, but isn’t it the same with your pits? if you have clean pits, why can’t you put in the effort to have clean legs? if you lack clean pits, then ok, i guess you better work on that first if you ever intend to go out on a date in the near future.

also tried Essential hair conditioner, the orange one, which costs $7.40, but i saw it retailing at a promotional price in Guardian for like $8.50 SAVE!!!

oh ya btw it’s really nice smelling! my hair showed a remarkable improvement after switching from the pink Sunsilk one to the Essential conditioner. so much easier to comb through after i shower. usually, i just end up losing alot of hair, and getting super alot of knots after drying my hair out, despite using the Sunsilk conditioner.

i know xiaxue and the people at bonitochico are kicking up a big fuss about its awesomeness, but since i’m not paid to write this, so my honest opinion is that it’s a pretty effective product to try without breaking the bank and going for an¬†unnecessary¬†salon treatment.


to me, i think conditioner and hair mask is sufficient

i’m currently using the pink (Nuance Airy) one, which is supposed to give you more volume. eh it seriously does, but i think sometimes abit too POOF i dont know what to do with all the excess volume. and it’s still dry because that range of products isn’t intensive enough when hair is badly damaged by dyeing. so im switching to the Rich Premier hair mask after i’m done. but wah lao 1 tub of that stuff lasts freaking long, cos you only need to use it twice a week minimum. and because of the 5 minutes waiting time, i’m usually too lazy to put it on everyday. so it’s been a month, and the tub is only half empty! good investment!

the hair mask if you buy from some places (like NTUC) now, its only $5 or smt, but i didn’t know and i got mine at Chinatown for $9. DID NOT SAVE ))):

also, Loreal make-up remover cost me nearly 40% cheaper at Chinatown! just $6.90 when it retails outside for $12.90

anyway, now bodyshop has promo for its Chamomile make-up remover for $12.90 instead of $18.90. wah lao the $12.90 can be used to buy that, even better!

and because the sun is a killer on some days, sun-protection is absolute key when you go outdoors! sunblock is mother expensive outside, they really rip people off by correlating the SPF number to the price, except they do it exponentially…

at Chinatown, i bought SPF 30 for $10! in Guardian, it’s “sale” price was $11.50. HAHA I WIN!!!

assuming i take 20 minutes to burn while unprotected, now i will take (20 x 30) 600 minutes, or 10 hours to burn!

well, so i pretty much blew quite a substantial amount of money, although in the long-term it is a good investment! oh and 2 days ago, Bodyshop has launched into the second series of promotions. this time, it’s pretty good cos they have the Vitamin E products on sale! after consulting the very helpful reviews website, i decided to buy the Vit E eye cream, because it is one of the best reviewed products in the UK.

Vitamin E Eye Cream - Eye Care

A moisturizing eye cream that helps protect the delicate skin around the eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Contains moisturizing shea butter and rose hip oil.

check out the link! this website is always damn useful when you are trying to consider what bodyshop products to buy (:

whether it actually works on me, i’ll let you know again…

finally, one thing i’ve learn from glee is the importance of nighttime skincare regime bahahahah!!! so off i go: one layer of Garnier nightcream, leaving the eyes out for Vit E eyecream, and finally a dollop of Clean and Clear’s salicylic acid to rid the Propionibacterium acnes that are building simscity in my skin.


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