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wah i am absolutely furious.

it’s been a year since i started organizing forever 21 sprees and this is the biggest screw up i’ve ever encountered with them. although actually, they’ve improved significantly with the whole ordering and shipping process. i remember last year that they wouldn’t even send out confirmation emails.

but basically, almost every time you order, it is 9/10 times delivered to you without any hiccups la.

except one time when a whole batch of parcels got delayed for sooo long, i had to call them up using melinda’s skype credits and attempt to speak clearly enough for the angmoh to understand my neutral Singaporean accent that is usually saved for English oral examinations.

this time, it was really bad. here’s what happened

26 april – in the midst of studying hard for exams, i opened up a short 2-batches spree for a few of us itchy fingers who were just dying for abit of retail therapy to destress.

4 may – thankfully after exams, Singpost customer service emailed me to inform me that they rejected one f21 parcel on my behalf because it was very badly damaged.

contents exposed, although everything inside intact

well here’s the sticky situation they left me in: they instructed me to make my own arrangements with the merchant to ask for a redelivery of the package, and to inform them the new tracking number if it is redelivered.


wah lao!! so i shot Singpost one long reply about how, usually, when i receive my packages, i can tell that they are sometimes neatly taped up by someone. which means that they were actually torn opened in the first place. why can’t they just tape up this one and send it to me! i really don’t mind one lor!!!

so the customer service operator called me back after receiving my email, and kept repeating the fucking same thing to me. dont even bother to change sentence structure:

‘sorry mam, usually we try to tape it up if its a small damage. but this one, the damage was really bad (looks the same as the ones i receive when no one bothers to reject lor), so we had to reject them for you. its our policy (worse line ever when it comes to comforting an annoyed customer) to ensure that you, as a customer, receive your items in the proper condition.’

anyway not his fault la cos he wasn’t the one who rejected the package, just the poor messenger to deliver the sucky news to me. with a glimmer of hope, i ask if perhaps the package was not returned to f21 just yet, but he replies sheepishly that it already is. wah lao never even ask my permission, then anyhow give back to UPS…..

sigh so i spam the customer service email of forever 21. this is where the shit starts to get worst…

let me tell you that forever 21 online customer service is a mother load of BULL. all they are ever good at is designing these deceivingly convenient comment forms for you to type out your heartfelt woes and pleas for them to respond to their email asap, and all you get in return, despite it being a fast reply, is an automated general response. how i know its automated? cos i typed another heartfelt email to them days later and i got back the same email that explained diplomatically that they can’t do anything until they receive the returned package. after which, i have the option to either arrange for a redelivery or a refund.

13 May – heaved a sigh of relief when this Miryam Ynguanzo person emailed me and said that f21 has received my package in their returns facility, and asked whether i wanted a refund or a redelivery. of course i say redelivery la, although in hindsight, i really should’ve picked refund…

anyway Miryam says that redelivery will be $12.95 USD. is she out of her fucking mind???!?!?!?!

i remind her the circumstance that my package had to be redelivered, and kind Miryam accommodates my request for the redelivery to be free. she says the redelivery request will be arranged on the 13 May.

i ask her for the tracking number for the new package and she says that it will be available in 1-2 business days after the package is shipped. so of course, one would expect her to get back to me with the new number after 2 business days right. but dear Miryam forgot all about me.

so nvm, i email her on 18th May and ask for the tracking number, no response.

20th May, another email. still no response.

by then i am frantic, so i email and ask Singpost if they can track my package just by using my name and without the tracking number, but they say they have thousands of packages in their facility and it is absolutely impossible to locate a package within a short period of time. but they will try…

eventually, frustration got the better of me and i borrowed melly’s skype credits again to call up the customer service all the way in the fucking US. straightaway, i ask for the new tracking number. initially i had this whole plan of bitching a very long story about how i am in this situation now, but when the angmoh picks up on the other end, i felt intimidated so i decided to cut to the chase. anyway, angmoh teleoperator got very confused when i was asking her for the new tracking number. so she checked my order and turns out,



i google her (because i was trying to figure out how to pronounce such a surname) and the first result on google is her fb page. knn i read her wall already damn pissed!!!

on the day she said she was going to arrange my delivery:

Miryam Ynguanzo: 7 more days to the great vacation , Hello Lima-Peru , there I come!

fucking thinking about her stupid holiday until FORGET ABOUT PROCESSING THE REDELIVERY!

and despite my email to her on the morning of 18th May, and if you consider time difference, she would have seen it on the 17th may US time!

on the 18 May:

Miryam Ynguanzo: 2 more days for my flight back to my beautiful land Lima-Peru



all this time, i’ve been highly stressed because DBS already billed a good $300 for something i havent even received, or sent out to the people, or gotten them to pay me back for. think of all the interest, no matter how pathetic with POSB savings, i could’ve earned over that period of time!

screw you and your weird surname miryam, you ought to be fired!

i realized you really cannot get ANYTHING done by email when it comes to forever 21 customer service. really really bad. lousy quality clothes, lousy quality cardboard box used to pack the clothes, lousy customer service made up of jokes like miryam ygdshgdagj. all they’ve got going for them is affordability, and i’m a sucker for that. although mostly, i don’t buy as much clothes from them as i used to anymore, just ordering for people because i’ve already established this spree business thing. ASOS ftw! at least they havent given me an opportunity to find out how efficient, or inefficient, their customer service is because they dont fuck up.

so glad to have gotten this off my chest. apologies to the people whose stuff were part of that unfortunate batch again, i know its been a month already, but i am trying my best to get this resolved…


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