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i finally met gen after 2 weeks- ever since she started work and is earning imba pay, she’s had no time for me )): we caught up over breakfast at coffee bean j8! the salmon scramble is really good, haven’t had that in such a long time, yum!

later, i watched Shrek in 3D! it costs $14 a ticket just because its 3D. ah but what the heck, this is the first time i’m watching 3D since the very horrid experience of Bolt at lido didn’t count. besides, there’s all this hype about 3D so i had to see what was so good about it. the technology of 3D movies has improved significantly i must say. the glasses are no longer the uncomfortable plastic ones with a red cellophane lens on one side, and a green one on the other. also, they have sleeker designs, kinda resembling Oakleys.

well and this was the final Shrek movie ): so all the better to end it with a 3D experience i’ll never forget. haha the movie was too short though. i think they just had enough content to nicely wrap up the entire Shrek series. anything more and there would be Shrek 5. i enjoyed it thoroughly though, the antics of donkay, Pinocchio, gingy and puss crack me up all the time.

time to go rewatch Shrek 1-3 again!

we then travelled to City Square Mall, which i have concluded, looks like a less cluttered version of Jurong Point. i found this craft shop on the kopitiam level, and it has nicer stuff than papercraft! i love these kind of shops, so exciting! i was so intrigued with this pattern-cutout machine that costs $80 and you have to buy templates so that you can cut all the pretty designs out, and those aren’t cheap either. seriously, hobby is one thing. but to have a hobby, you need money first. and with money, i’d rather feed my hobby of wearing new clothes first.

and since we were in the area, we dropped by Mustafa Centre, which reminds me of the time my mum won a free hotel stay at Park Royal Kitchener. and when we had nothing to do at night, we went across the road to buy cheap stuff from Mustafa Centre. other than that, the pseudo holiday was quite depressing.

for dinner, we went to Food for Thought.

after having had time to read numerous food reviews as part of my research for my 21st birthday party location, i discovered this place somewhere along the way of page 1 to 17 of my search results one weekday night. so i decided to give it a shot (:

an interesting-looking building located next to 8Q, along Queens Street

and look what we found!

walter the bunny!

the inside of the restaurant is pretty cool too. there are bottles containing bulbs suspended by wires all over the ceiling. and a corner of the restaurant is dedicated to the sales of items that contribute to the campaign against poverty and environmental destruction.

so nice and open!

i took note of the dishes that were highly recommended from the reviews, and realized that most of them did comment about the Chai Spiced Brulee Salmon with Smoked Red Capsicum Risotto. ya its bloody hell of a long name, but in the menu, i think i’ts just known as the first four words. i LOVEEE salmon, so i chose that for myself.

the salmon was absolutely mouth-watering. the BEST one i've tasted in years. the top is so crispy and somehow, it tastes like cinammon sugar! risotto also had a special essence to it, of course much tastier than our weak attempt at making it previously. and the sour mango sauce kind of balanced out with the sweetness of the salmon skin.

being another salmon lover, jeremy ordered risotto with salmon and squid.

risotto has a funny way of being visually unappealing to Asians because it looks like good ol' normal porridge. unfortunately, this risotto didn't impress because it was mostly bland, although the prawns were bouncy. but pretty much comparable to our prisonfood-looking homemade risotto

for dessert, we had the Apple Crumble with Berries and Vanilla ice-cream

BEST apple crumble ever, considering i'm not a big fan of apple crumble because it's usually sour. but the apple bits in this one tasted just as sweet as the one in macdonalds apple pie! the crumble part was also so cripsy and the berries and ice-cream completely complemented each others taste, making this dessert a truly wonderful gastronomic experience!

the apple crumble is really really filling, even for 2 people, so it’s definitely best to share. i forgot how much it costs, although the salmon was $22, while the other risotto was $18. and the place apparently only has 7% GST and no 10% service charge, despite the staff being exceptionally friendly!

thus, this tops the list for my possible locations for the 21st birthday party! don’t want to discuss to much of the details yet just in case i jinx it. technically i have 3 months to go and i don’t want to screw it up so fast!

after dinner we sneaked over to SMU- who ask you to have multiple exits from Bras Basah circle line leading right up to your campus. anyway there was an empty bench in the basement of dunno which part of which building. but we plopped our asses down there anyway and jeremy taught me how to play monopoly deal! hahaha i hate monopoly, because i suck at it, and because every childhood experience i had of it ended badly with my brother and i either robbing each other or the bank, then eventually throwing a tantrum and walking out from the game like sore losers.

but monopoly deal is not as long-winded or boring! it’s pretty fast-paced actually, and requires so much more thinking and strategy-making. so glad i bought the pack of cards from Popular. next time i’m going to bring it when i go out and everyone shall want to go out with Michelle because SHE HAS THE COOL GAME I WANT TO PLAY! 😀

see J, that is how you up your cool factor without being a pansy.


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