Paris Je t’Aime

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natalie portman and her (unrealistic) blind lover

watched Paris Je t’Aime at  alliance francaise last night. who knew that they had french movie screenings every tuesday in their cinema for $10 per person? well anyway best part was that i got to watch it for free. hahaha perks of knowing someone who schools there.

Paris Je t’Aime is the original movie in which the 2009 New York, I Love You was adapted from. both star Natalie Portman, although she did direct one of the mini films in the latter movie. however, i very much enjoyed Paris Je t’Aime so much more than the hollywood adaptation. the mini stories felt more complete and meaningful. NY:ILY was just like HUH?!?! after the end of every short film, especially the one with shia labeouf as the weird hunchback ghost who died again by falling out of the window.

the french movie features 18 short films, each one encompassing different aspects of love- a theme that is commonly identified with the city of Paris.

there is new love, independent love, renewed love for a dying spouse (how pretentious though..), love for the city, love for a child, fantasy vampire love (HAHA twilight), love for a person of a different culture, irrational love, a mother’s love, and divorce love.

in contrast, NY:ILY was filled with subthemes of all the warped kinds of love. like love for a hooker, love for an Amish girl who is about to get married to someone else. hahah like wth?!

my favourite mini-film of the entire movie is this

unfortunately, i couldn’t find one with english subs, so basically what the cute little boy is saying at the start of the clip is that his name is Jean Claude, and his parents met when they were in jail.

and of course, however unlike it may seem that it would be close to impossible to truly find someone so complementary to each and every single aspect of our personalities (or a soulmate, in fantasty terms), there is still no harm believing that there is that single person meant for each one of us.


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