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in celebration of its-the-weekend!-so-must-do-something-exciting! day, we decided to spend a saturday afternoon in the zoo!

as directed by, the plan was to go to AMK interchange and take SBS 138 all the way to the zoo. but then while trying to locate the interchange, we came across this man standing next to his van and asking passersby if they wanted to go to the zoo.

it was such a random coincidence, so we approached the fellow and apparently, he charges the exact same price of tickets that you would buy at the ticketing counter, but offers that free shuttle service in his tiny van from AMK to the zoo. like too good to be true right? but he showed me the tickets and i examined it so carefully and could find no reason to believe that it was a fraud ticket. besides, there were already 2 angmoh tourists in the van to assure us the authenticity of the deal.

of course i was still unsettled even after paying the money and seating myself in the van. what if they drove us to some ulu industrial area in Singapore, dismembered, and traded us to be beggers! all because i wanted to go to the zoo the easy way out…

but nah, half an hour later in a physically comfortable van trip, we did arrive at the zoo. and the tickets were genuine too, because we managed to get in with them. yay!

the characteristic parrots at the entrance of the zoo

surprisingly, it was relatively less crowded for a weekend. there were more tourists than Singaporeans though, and just occasionally, a few groups of pesky Singaporean children out on a class outing. shouldn’t secondary school kids just wait for their school to bring them on a subsidized rate, where their behaviour will at least be controlled and regulated by teachers, and not be a nuisance to the public? annoying kids were laughing loudly at elderly people who rolled slowly along in the automated scooters that the zoo now provides, and making enough noise to convince me that they’d do better with a place in a baboon’s enclosure rather than a junior college.

haha bitchy much? 😉

i took a hell lot of pictures of the animals. the Ixus 200IS’s 13x zoom really came in handy, especially for animals that you would stay a safe distance away from. oh but speaking of cameras, mine paled in comparison to nearly every other person’s DSLRs. some more well endowed (lens length and thickness-wise) than the others. don’t really understand camera jargon. but the practicality of carrying around a 2kg heavy and half a metre long camera to take pictures? that’s just a little stupid, don’t you think?

aww cute lil' otters!

hahaha as much as this looks like one of the fake otters i took a picture with, IT IS NOT! with good timing and enough appeal 😉 for this otter to want to think you're worth standing up for, you get this picture!


the three white tigers that were responsible for mauling the suicidal keeper 2 years ago are still the same ones there now. of course, i couldn’t help picturing the scene where he provoked the tigers with a broom and covered his head with a bucket while allowing the tigers to maul him to death. such a selfish and dramatic way to leave the world -.-

pacing around because it was almost feeding time

by the way, did you know that white tigers are white because they are homozygous for a recessive allele. thus, the only way to produce more white tigers are to interbreed them. mating with a normal orange striped tiger would produce heterozygous offspring, but would exhibit the normal orange stripes phenotype because that allele is dominant over the white striped allele.

with a kangaroo from the outback!

i assume these were goats! i was too excited to see them! besides, they BAAAA

for $2, we got a bucket of leaves, carrots and long beans to feed the greedy goats. i have no idea whether the feeding is ongoing from the time the zoo opens to the time it closes. if it is, then omg all these goats really know how to do is to eat and fight (when they dont get to eat). hahah!

it was a super fun experience though! feels like being on holiday in one of them farms in Australia!

was so frightened that they'd knock my teeth out with their horns if i waited too long to give them the carrot stick


aww sho kewt! hee hee see if you know what the young of a goat is called 😉

larry the lemur! haha made the name up by myself btw.


Larry and family! hahaha awesome 'kids and pets' camera function caught the playful little Larry jr leaping into the melee


Larry: "WTF?!?!?!"

valuable lesson from the lemur is that a permanent WTF expression is not only hilarious, but also useful when you encounter weirdos on the street.

this little lone duck was sweet enough to take a picture with me without scuttling off!

see suelynn, the zoo does have komodo dragons!

did you know that the saliva of komodo dragons are host to numerous bacteria (E.Coli, Staphylococcuss, etc.), so that even when a prey manages to escape after being bitten by a dragon, they die from sepsis because the saliva has creates an optimal environment for bacteria to proliferate rapidly in the blood the organism. true (microB) story yo!

seals, i think?

i like to moveit moveit!

the Himalayan baboons

although being primates, they exhibit behavior that is so oddly similar to that of humans. doesn’t this picture remind you of old men lazing around in the coffeeshop, with their bottle of Tiger, as their wives fuss over the loose stitch on their colourful uncle shirts?

elephant with androgeneticia alopecia lol!

would never forget the time in Sri Lanka when we visited an elephant zoo, and everyone had to stand back as this elephant started peeing in the middle of the road. and it was like a fireman’s hose that was left on for 3 whole minutes.

and that was also when my innocent 15 year old eyes caught two elephant males trying to mount a female…

till the next visit! (:


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  1. did i say that there weren’t komodo dragons at the zoo?! i dont even remember having any conversations about komodo dragons! shit. im really starting to become like cassie! lolll


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