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i casually refresh my homepage on facebook and surprise! a picture of a friend (purely facebook though, because i think if she and i were to see each other on the street, we would just conveniently pretend that neither existed. isn’t it always the case with at least 1/3 of fb pals? lol!) shows up, and it turns out that the picture was tagged by someone whom i’ve forgotten to stalk in a long time!!!

you must imagine my excitement! after spending an entire day bumming around, watching tv for 6 hours. well although i did read a book (A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer) for 3 hours, i’ve pretty much wasted most of today catching up on all the brainless things i’ve been meaning to do since January. so by the end of it, i actually got quite bored.

thus, my eyes literally lit up when the magical name focused itself on the back of my retina. and that unleashed a rabid tab-opening spree of photos, and  all profile pages of all other interesting friends that i’ve all come to associate with aforementioned individual (AFMI).

i have no idea how it works in the other schools. but back in ACJC, each cohort, to me, can be defined by a single influential group of insanely rich kids that ruled the cool scene. each year’s very own Gossip Girl cast, as you may put it.

which brings me to the very shocking revelation that left my jaw hanging wide open. as i scrolled through the newly updated photos from the past year (shows how much i’ve been concentrating on school and not on stalking), i realized how drastically AFMI’s life has changed! i digress again, but this is crucial to making my point: if i were to make a Gossip Girl analogy here, AFMI would be Blair for poise, beauty, and classy sexiness. and like Blair, she had her very own Nate. this Nate is definitely close to the original: he’s good-looking and sufficiently smart to make it into a school where the rich kids hang, although not so smart to make it to local or abroad Ivy League unis, no matter how many strings his influential family can pull.

but of course, i can only infer. and all of this is pure guesswork based on years of research 😉

well, turns out Blair is no longer with Nate, but with some fat weirdo (FW) who continually shows up in each and every single profile picture that she chooses to represent herself to the entire online community. and in each photo, her friends comment things like:

‘omg you are too mean! you just chose this photo because you look good in it’ (but FW doesnt..)

‘you so bad! you put a photo of only 1/2 his face!’ – must be damn deliberate, considering FW’s face technically wouldn’t be that hard to crop out with a camera…

yea, of course those were made jokingly. but i made the comparison with photos from a long lost (and undeleted) album of Blair and Nate back in the good times, none of their friends seem to comments things like that. haha but of course, no real judgement really. i just enjoy making such inferences because i am obviously very bored, and just fresh from watching an episode of Gossip Girl.

ah facebook, you have made my life so interesting! today i was reading some article in Cleo about why facebook ruins lives. pft! it’s about these people who can’t handle the pressure of having to respond to 1000+ fb friends and their nonsense 24/7. er, hello, who ask you so friendly go and accept everyone who requests to be your fb friend?!

well anyhow they quit soon after, justifying that smsing and calling is so much more personal. haha ya you every 5 minutes mass-message your friends smses of your status updates and see whether they change number or not!


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