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today marks the end of a week of ultimate crashing.

i had to maximize all seven days of the week to try and fit in as many of the outings as i possibly could! because all my frenz start work next week )))): i cant believe i’m the only person who didn’t choose batch 1 of preceptorship. haha but its okay i couldn’t have made it anyway. now seriously damn alot of problems. got lasik, and my eyes still look like vampire: today my tutee (who usually doesn’t talk to me about personal things during lessons) asked in a very concerned manner, ‘michelle….what happened to your eyes?’

and then last week, nat and yuxi were also under the impression that i had bloodshot eyes because i studied too hard for biotech and didn’t sleep all night. LOL!!!

so nah, i couldn’t possibly have done preceptorship now cos i would be scaring off a hell lot of customers!

besides, my left wisdom tooth flared up again. this time it was really bad, and i had to endure the pain for 4 days because i had no time to go to the dentist! i think i’d have to extract it this time already. so gotta reserve a couple of days for my hibernation at home with a swollen cheek as well.

jin jui problem man…but luckily all decided to show up only after exams were over!

on saturday, jeremy and i went to SPCA! nah, neither of us were really going to adopt any animals. just go there look see look see lor!

and yes i am officially a dog person. cats scare me…you just never know when they are going to scratch you!! and some of them are so fierce. i seriously can’t tell the difference between being playful and just plain vicious! but aiyo cats still too cute la, as long as i’m at a safe distance behind them. haha!

hee hee cross-eyed cat!


and it gets me!

the most well behaved kitty of the lot!

poor skinny kitten ):

funny bunny!

this naughty dog went to pee onto the dog in the cage next to it! terrible!!! but it was also the cutest hahaha

sadly i didn’t find any guinea pigs there ): would’ve been the next pet that i’d have gotten. but come to think of it, i don’t think i’ll have much time for it once year 3 starts. so it wouldn’t be fair to the poor piggy. well maybe next time then!

and on sunday, natalia invited us to her house for yuxi’s belated birthday party! it was a small thing, just the few of us and a 600 gms swensens ice-cream cake! (:

still managed to spring a surprise on yuxi despite being later than her haha!

we ordered pizza hut and sat by the poolside of her posh Newton Condo, eating and bitching- haha 2 of my favourite past times, especially the latter.

before that, we got really bored waiting for the pizza to come, so we dug up all this halloween stuff from nat’s room and started playing with them!

nash's new intimidating~! pose

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😉 NOT

a real odd mix of party headgear there man!

we missed you kaye!

alright here come 6 weeks of S.O.L.O! plenty to do of course, first of which is to see a dentist tomorrow and start running again. well, soon.


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