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awesome tanning session at rebecca's wonderful rooftop pool!

the extremely glorious rooftop pool

today was extremely shiok!

rebecca invited us to her service apartment at race course road, just 5 minutes away from farrer park mrt, for a nice baskin’ in the sun at the rooftop pool.

becky stays on the 6th floor, an all she has to do is climb up 2 short flights of stairs to the rooftop pool. thus, her house is almost penthouse-like! the view from the rooftop pool is also amazinggg. although not the conventional overlooking-the-cityscape kind of view that would be considered awesome, but still way better than any kind of view that i could’ve ever seen from my 4th storey HDB balcony.

the only time this sweltering May weather has come in useful

i was trying not to get burnt though, so i slapped on SPF 50 every now and then. and luckily i did, otherwise all my efforts to get fair and evenly toned skin the past 3 months would’ve been wasted. only got slightly tanned by the remaining UVA from being baked under the merciless sun for that 2 hours, hengggg! and at least i have a healthy holiday tan to last me till the end of the summer break! besides, you can’t possibly wear summer clothes while looking pasty.

haha and although it was only morning, i brought over some Bailey’s because it is simply impossible to finish drinking it by myself at home. we bought ice-cream from City Square Mall and had Baileys with vanilla ice-cream for our rooftop pool chillout snack! very yummy ((:

nope, nobody got tipsy from the morning alcoholic snack

see la kaye, dont want to join in~?

crazy flexible people, but a hell good photographer to capture it at the right moment 😉

sleeeeepy kaye

cute straw hat seemed to have severed half my head (Sylar-Style) thanks to a very bizarre lighting effect

these are the kind of days you dream about when you’re studying so damn hard for the shittiest exams. and these are the kind of days that remind you once again about how half a day spent with 4 people can make you laugh so hard till your cheeks ache for the entire day.

after showering, we headed to City Square Mall for lunch. wah, the place is twice as big as Thomson Plaza and has wayyy better shops than Junction 8. freaking happz yo! got like Sushi Tei, Andersons, Macs, Gogo sausages, and even EACH A CUP!


haha we had lunch at Swensens after my greedy eye spotted the one-for-one signboard. damn worth it la! paid only $8.50 for a meal that would’ve normally cost $16! my cheese steak sandwich was super yummy too! it’s been awhile since i’ve had such sinfully good food. wah, can’t say how much i’ve missed it.

and amazingly, i didn’t feel sleepy at all throughout the day! my eyes are also feeling progressively less dry as the days go by. it has officially been a week since my myopic self had surgery! finally can cross out the checklist for the following items:

– do not put eye makeup for a week after surgery

– do not allow soap/shampoo/any irritants to get into your eyes for the first week after surgery

– do not go into dusty/dirty/smoky places for a week after surgery

hahaha of course there are a hundred other ‘do not’s when it comes to post-LASIK recovery, but i think i’ve broken some of the rules already. today i forgot, and rubbed my eyes. and today i also got abit of swimming pool water into my eye. this suelynn la, play play~! hurriedly washed my eyes out with Refresh Plus though. plus, i’m still on antibiotics so i guess it should be ok.

needless to say, the every hourly eyedrops are a bitch to observe religiously, especially when i’m out and lose track of time. but i have to try to remember better because if i do this step well, apparently, i’ll never have to use eyedrops that often from the second month onwards!

well anyway, after lunch, susu and i went down to town to collect our altered mango pants. and somehow, we ended up shopping again -.- and both of us bought satchel bags from New Look. but they were simply too nice to resist! besides, i managed to sell my too-small brand new ASOS dress for $39, so technically, my $39.90 New Look satchel only cost me 90 cents. what a fantastic discount lol!!!

still powered on some never ending reserve of adrenaline despite being up at 815am this morning, i met jer for dinner/supper (!) at old airport road. ha! i officially live 30 minutes away from the east! previously, it was only accessible to me by means of 2 buses. and even then, the added journeys would take 45 minutes at the very least. good job Circle Line! you have indeed improved my quality of life.

we had ou luat (oyster omelette), and my favourite kind of fishballs (meat-stuffed ones) in the world. yum yum!!

and after uploading 156 photos and tagging at least 4 people per photo- that adds up to 1248 clicks, considering you have to select the part of the photo to tag and then click the name of the person to tag. so that makes it 2 clicks per person, times 4 people (on average) per photo, for 156 photos. my index finger has never felt so worked out before.

plus i decided to blog about it so cassy can read it in the morning and realized what a pity it was that she didn’t show up 😉

from that moment on, she vowed never to ever pang sei anyone else in her life ever again. and so, everyone lived happily ever after!

but we all know how starkly different that is from harsh realities of life..

ok after thinking very thoroughly about that last metaphor, my battery has officially been drained…goodnight!


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