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can’t believe i blew $100 in a span of 1 week. it seems that i have been unleashed the moment exams ended! despite being a good girl and staying home to study every day for the past 2 weeks, thus not spending much, i’ve pretty much kinda negated all that now i think.

ok but i was also stocking up on my work wardrobe, considering i actually have NONE to begin with. but i’m sure some tops can be adapted to make do. i never bothered to buy any work clothes because i hardly ever need to wear them. during interviews, i just borrow pants from gen and pick a presentable top that isn’t too informal. but i think 6 weeks of preceptorship really requires a few more combination of things that i can possibly wear underneath that stifling white coat.

so far i’ve bought 2 pairs of $45 pants from mango. they’re really slim and the exact kind of cutting i’ve been looking for! although a month ago i bought size 36 in black, and now i actually can fit a 34 for the cream coloured pair. gotta make a greater effort to maintain and not burst any buttons!

also found a $36 top at Dorothy Perkins! it was $60 for 2 but i didn’t think i needed another of the same thing in a different colour. with a discount from my Fashion Fastforward card, it cost me only $32.40 😀 how cheap! plus it’s a nice design, without all the overdramatic and unsightly ruffles that mango work tops usually have.

ok well today was Girlz Nightz Outz! and the plan was to have dinner in Raffles City and then drinks at The Loof. but we went wayyyyy off track man.

we ended up setting camp at mango for like a good hour, trying on various work outfits and waiting for some fickle-minds to decide whether or not to get stuff. haha i realized i’m the least fussy shopper i know. if i want something, i’ll get it within 15 minutes. but that kind of efficiency also usually means i end up buying alot of things very quickly and regretting them soon after.

when we were finally done, we went to set up base 2 at charles and keith lolwtf!

almost like we owned the store

nearly sprained my ankle in those! although i still find it so amazing when celebrities strut down redcarpet-length distances without trippin'!

all the hiao zhar bos

haha becky ended up buying the same heels as the ones i had from one year ago!

the only one that didn't give c&k biznezz today


so extremely exhausted from walking nonstop for 4 hours! definitely considered as part of my post-exam exercise regime that i plan to undertake starting this week!

i realised i’ve been focusing all my energy on studying nonstop the past 3 months that i’ve had no time to do so many of the things i wanted to do! i completely gave up reading books this semester for endless notes ): so i’m finally back to reading the Devil Wears Prada, although i need to build more reading stamina because my mind tends to drift elsewhere halfway and i end up reading the same line over and over again for 5 minutes.

also bought Cleo to indulge myself in mindless superficial crap that i seem to enjoy so thoroughly. in addition, i’m going to attempt to use my NDS more often, plus finish playing all the apps that i’ve accumulated in my iphone.

and and, i’m going to get fit! finally gonna be able to resume my weekly sunday evening runs. can’t believe i had to give that up for school.

also plan to finish watching Glee, Lost, Chuck, Friends and Cougartown! i’ll have approximately 6 weeks to do all that, and while all my frenz are starting work next week (boo hoo hoo), i’m sure i’ll have more than sufficient time to finish a substantial amount of my holiday bucket list.

meanwhile, this week is chionging playtime with everyone before preceptorship begins!!

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