opportunity cost of perfect vision

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yesterday when i was halfway through studying the chapter of Opthalamics, i got a call from the Lasik Eye Clinic at Paragon, because i made an online appointment the day before for 12 May.

but before confirming my appt date, the LSC lady rattled on about some promotion that would be ending in April and the gist of it was that it would cost $250 more expensive to get it done in May instead of April. hahaha for those who understand LSC jargon: in April it’s supposedly free pre-evaluation ($100) and i get to use the friend referral discount which she says is $150 but jer got it at $200.

aiyo so i thought about it, and the only day i can do it is after Pharm Pract exam next friday 30 April. by doing so, i’d compromise an entire day of revision because the entire pre-evaluation plus 15 mins procedure would take 6 hours to complete. and i’d be sedated and bug-eyed (literally) for the rest of the day.

so is it worth $250?

haha. NO!

anyway also because my mum wasn’t so keen to do it in May since $250 technically is alot of money, although in comparison to $2688, it is deceivingly negligible. but yes, it is sensible to remember that $250 can fund a month’s supply of online shopping.

so i’m going to risk doing really badly for biotech and opting for the opportunity of a lifetime to finally get perfect vision, and rid my life of all the nonsensical time & money-wasting from contacts. plus, the risk of getting chronic dry eyes due to long-term exposure to the preservatives in contact lens solution, plus the occlusion of oxygen and air. WAH SOMEBODY GIVE ME A FOR PR3107 PHARMACY PRACTICE II!

although i am quite paranoid that i wouldn’t be able to focus on studying after friday. aiyar but wth right, need to take a chill pill about exams sometimes.

so for now, i’m trying to use up all the coloured contacts i bought in december. haha a box of 10 lasted me this long because i was saving them for the hols! how i know, so fast get to go lasik already. i really expected my mum to say NO for like another 5 years. hahaha and luckily my brother just started wearing contacts so my excess lenses can be used to trade for his. plus all the contacts solution would be hardly gone to waste!

ok better dont hope too hard. later go there then find out cornea too thin, zomg no lasik then plan backfire to the max man!

hahaha anw time to sleep! i’ve been very stressed, i lost 1.5 kg because of a general lack of appetite. plus, the Special K cereal diet really works. although i only substitute lunch on weekdays for it since i’m too busy to go out and find proper food. it’s been about a week and a half since i started the diet. haha and the challenge says 2 weeks right? so my hopes are up to lose another 0.5kg (((:

soon, i’ll be able to wear the ASOS dress i was too fat to fit into the last time!


‘Lose 1 inch from your waist in 2 weeks. Take the Special K Challenge™’

hahaha bullshit la dont need to eat dunno what protein shake what! siao, so disgusting! just enroll into some hardcore local uni course to stress you out until it becomes almost too easy to lose the rest of the weight!


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