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when it gets exceptionally difficult to keep up the motivation at home,

go out

and try not to be early so that there’s time to walk around at ION Topshop and be tempted to buy this really nice cropped vest. or if it’s inevitable, use all your willpower to walk out of there WITHOUT the cropped vest because anyway, i already have something that looks like that ):

anyway i was waiting outside the ticketing barriers at ION, just casually leaning on some wall behind me and using my iphone. and then i kept noticing people coming close to me and trying to touch these styrofoam flowers that were next to me. and occasionally i’d end up being blinded by flashing cameras because apparently, the backdrop that i was standing behind is very camera-worthy: can’t be me la right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

hahaha and the last straw was when this woman came up to me and asked,

‘excuse me, sorry, i want to take a picture of the wall…(and you are blocking it)’

wah lao. standing in public space also kenna chased away just because of some stupid styrofoam flowers -.-

had sun with moon for lunch!

must must say how awesome the food is again. i don’t know what authentic jap food is supposed to taste like but this place has one of the best tasting jap food i’ve eaten so far!

salmon and chicken tepanyaki: the salmon is so good it literally melts in your mouth! the chicken was a little dry though.

let me tell you about my favourite desserts so far. when i go to these places to eat, i die die also have to eat the desserts unless i’m too damn full from the food, in which case, i make a mental note not to binge so much on the main course so that i will have room for dessert (:

at number 3 is the Coffee Club mudpie

at number 2 is the fishy ice-cream wafer at Sushi Tei. yea its not really made by them but i always eat it when i go there so i automatically associated with Sushi Tei now.

and at the number 1 spot:

Sun with Moon's mini matcha parfait - BEST DESSERT EVER!!!!!!

it’s like a whole cup of treasures waiting to be discovered as you progress from the top to the bottom of the dessert.

every 5 seconds, we’ll be like ‘OOH! this is a ______!’

here are the components making up the magical mini matcha parfait (in order of top to bottom of the goblet) – excuse the poor choice of words, i have been studying too much microB the day before lol!

green-tea flavoured whipped cream at the top, that jer was very intrigued by

green tea matcha ice-cream: best green tea ice-cream ever, and considering the fact that i don’t like green tea ice-cream on a normal basis

soft red beans covered with sweet red bean sauce

chestnut, that looked like gingko nut so i popped it into my mouth with disgust but turned out to be pleasantly surprised that it was not gingko nut!

wafer biscuit that wasn’t thin and flimsy so you know its cheapo. definitely tastes like the typical awesome quality of japanese biscuits!

mochi balls! very chewy!

– some green jelly, possibly green-tea flavoured?

a cube of sponge cake, possibly green-tea flavoured again? i dont know! i was eating too fast because it was too yummy!

cornflakes! to make the finale of the dessert a whole lot more memorable (:

maybe if i buy less clothes, i can eat at Sun with Moon more often!

very yummy muji marshmallow ballz

so glad that today finally dissipated all the pent up stress i’ve been holding on to for the past 6 weeks (literally). i’ve never really missed a period before so this time around it must have been really bad for hormone level to drop really low. never thought i’d be relieved to welcome its arrival though haha WHATS UP WITH THE CHOICE OF WORDS TONIGHT!

super tired already. anyway,

theres nothing like being in the company of someone who understands perfectly (:


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  1. Hahahaha I remember I want the non-mini matcha parfait last time! And michy…. there are reasons other than stress to miss a period, be careful ah… ๐Ÿ˜› HAHAHAHHA

  2. u sure u got use protection? wad if u were the 1% that failed HAHAHAHA


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