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hahaha kaye insisted on me blogging to entertain her, and so i said ‘but i have nothing to talk about!’

but as usual when someone asks me to do something, although i say no at first, i always end up giving it second and third thoughts just to see whether i really mean it when i say no.

so i thought about what interesting things happened today

and ignoring the part where i studied for 12 hours, the most exciting thing that happened today was that…


i was actually also deliberately camping at home today just to make sure i received all my parcels.

yesterday ASOS came when i was away in school and nobody was at home to receive it! ultra-sad when i came home and found the failed delivery note telling me to get my ass down to thomson post office to collect it myself. and so i did. at 1130am today, i trudged out in the hot, merciless sun, negating all 2 months worth of efforts to whiten my skin, sweating profusely for a good long 15 minute walk (didn’t make much sense to take a bus) to the post office to get my asos parcel.

i took a bus back because it didn’t make sense to walk back. hahahaha!! enough effort for the day already.

and i willed myself to finish studying that set of biotech notes before i opened the parcel and unraveled my wonderful UK loot.

ASOS Basic Fitted Cut Away Round Hem Vest

Basic Fitted Cut Away Round Hem Vest; 8 pounds

i already have this in blue, and pink. but the muscle-tee cutting is so unique and nice. no other shop sells basis that look like that! plus it seems to make my narrow shoulders look better than normal tanks. absolutely love it!!

plus asos always make their models wear this tank when they model it with skirts. so it’s so easy to find new ways to match this tank with the stuff that’s already in my wardrobe, or heh heh, buy the exact bottoms that they match it with on asos.

ASOS Printed Tulip Skirt

like with a colourful tulip skirt

ASOS Printed Skirt

or with a poofy printed skirt!

here’s another thing i bought

ASOS Wrap Front Vest

ASOS Wrap Front Vest; 12 pounds

absolutely love the colour! and the design is very unique as well! unfortunately, it turned out to be a little more cotton than i thought. haha material looked alot stiffer in the picture so i assumed it was rayon. hee hee gonna wear it to school tomorrow, so exciting!

ASOS Floral Printed Short Sleeve Top

ASOS Floral Printed Short Sleeve Top; on sale for 12 pounds, NOW OOS ;D

one of the few things that i’m currently collecting for my preceptorship wardrobe in July. yea it’s abit informal but who cares, i’m going to be wearing the jacket over it anyway. either that, or i can pair it wit a bodycon skirt and go out shopping at night once silly exams are over!

like this!

and finally, this is not porn, but pretty amazing bra technology

ASOS Boudoir Multiway Bra

ASOS Boudoir Multiway Bra; 12 pounds

for just 12 pounds, which worked out to be $28 sing, i got a bra, 2 sets of bra straps (transparent and nude) and an extension for the low back conversion. seriously damn multiway la!!

thank god for this picture, otherwise i'd never know how to work the extension strap!

i bought this solely because i needed another strapless nude bra. i didn’t trust the low back strap because it really looks like it would drop if you didn’t have the shoulder straps. eh but i tried it today and miraculously, it’s extremely secure!! without the shoulder straps!! although the extension strap kind of feels like a corset, and GERD-inducing. but i guess it’d be ok to wear for short intervals with something that requires the low back effect.

hahaha another funny story. i was trying to attach the bra straps back after that, and then i realised there wasn’t ANY (whatever you call that thing) to hook the strap on to! i checked and checked for like half an hour. i even turned on my laptop just to look at the asos picture of the bra and figure out why is it that this bra has no thingies to attach the straps on!

i was THIS CLOSE to filing a defective product email complaint. i even filled up all of the boxes in the online comment form. but then towards the end, i figured it would be embarrassing, asking for technical advise on how to attach bra straps, and i didn’t really need the straps anyway.

the moment i gave up, i found it. hahaha i was sqeezing the hem line (in part frustration) when i realised that there was actually 2 narrow slips cut into the hem line. omg STEALTH TO THE MAX!

but yea, if you think about it, that makes the design pretty cool! hahaha but wtf, worse than finding easter eggs ok!


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