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wave 3 completed! success!! hahaha despite it being the shittiest week i’ve ever had in a long long time, at least it’s all over!

microB test gave me at least 2 sleepless nights and lots more anxious hours awake because it was tested on such a broad range of topics that nobody had any time to prepare thoroughly for. no one really knew what was going to be tested and the risk of studying for nothing was at an ultra high.

in the end, i only spotted 1 our of 3 questions correctly. and the other two, thankfully, i vaguely remembered studying for. and by some stroke of luck, i managed to guess the methods correctly. and by an even bigger stroke of luck, i even managed to obtain the correct set of results!!

i’ve never been more delighted and overjoyed to see little rods of bacteria coming into focus as i was turning the dial of the microscope hopelessly during the last 10 minutes that i had in the test. if i hadn’t been able to see, i’d have no more time to stain a second slide of bacteria. so it was really really really lucky that i managed to get it, considering i’ve been a hopeless case all semester and this is the first time that i ever managed to see bacteria on a microscope all by myself!

and then on friday i was so scared that my nutrient broths would have no turbidity because of silly experimental errors that i’m usually highly capable of committing. but omg there was turbidity!!! so overjoyed…

pharm pract on wednesday was lame i dont want to talk about it. the whole pharm pract module has been pathetic for me this semester. 2 more weeks to buck up and show them Who’s Boss at finals.

after the microB test on friday, all of us went out to destress for awhile. rebecca drove us to Cathay where we ate astons and sat there for a long time gossiping and unraveling gossip about our own selves. i find it extremely amusing to realize that some people are not as oblivious to gossip as they may seem. gotta watch my back now.

am posing in such an odd angle because the timer was about to go off and this bunch of idiots were almost going to walk into the frame of the photo

i was trying to convince mag and rebecca to get iphone! and as our conversation progressed to other topics, we ended up discussing about Usher cheating on some girl from TLC. and then somebody said that one of the members of TLC died, either by plane crash or car crash. and then rebecca said C, in a car crash. but suelynn claimed it was L. and kaye said it could’ve been plane crash instead of car crash.

so, in summary, the options were:

A. T

B. L

C. C

dying in a

A. plane crash

B. car crash

and while they were still at it, i secretely googled it on my iphone and 2 seconds later, i confirmed,

‘it’s L, and it’s in a plane crash’

hahahahahahha, rebecca and mag were sold!!! now to start evangelizing the others out there, here are some great apps! all FOC in the apps store btw!

1. Words Free

almost like Scrabble, except with a different board. and you can play it with another fellow iphone user friend! the best thing about it is that you don’t have to camp there in the app to finish the game. each turn can be taken as leisurely as you like. you can even think about which letter combination to unleash for maximum points overnight, and make the move the next day. and then your friend gets the notification that you’ve made the move, indicating it’s his turn to play!

but like all games, losing is a bitch. but you can easily resign whenever you like and start a new game hee hee!

2. Scoopz

oh, i don’t need to say why this game is so ridiculously addictive! current highscore amongst us Scoopzers is 226K as set by my brother. top that and you earn the Scoopz-endary status!

3. MoreLomo

turns all the pictures you take to lomo shots- in which there is a circle of light in the middle and is darker around the edges. i’m lousy at camera lingo la so here’s an example

over lunch!

4. Emoji Free

liven up your iphone sms conversations with super cute emoticons!!

obviously not my phone. i'm not lame

would you believe that there're actually more emoticons than this!

it has cute emoticons to describe almost every single activity! like swimming, shitting HAHA, and check out my favourite, PAINTING NAILS!! LOLLL!

5. tranSGuide

best app for poor people like me who use public transport. great especially when you don’t enjoy waiting in the hot sun for a bus that takes centuries to arrive. but instead, now, you can go chill somewhere- possibly entertaining yourself with the numerous apps on iphone. and then time your stroll to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus.


or wait another 6 months+ to get the 4GS. damn you apple, DAMN YOU!!

anyway my saturday was very well utilized to study! i think i’m getting better at the whole studying outside home experience. i’ve learnt to tune out the rubbish coming from the people all around me and just focus my thoughts on memorizing. although a bunch of kids next door were talking about black rappers very loudly and that threw me off quantal dose curves for abit to eavesdrop on their strange conversation.

even managed to study a whole set of pharm pract notes while standing in a crowded bus! hahaha my nerd abilities really amaze me sometimes.

also tried pasta fresca for the first time today! went to the siglap branch, although the whole siglap area generally reminds me of bukit timah. haha food was not bad! better than prego i think. you can really taste the home-made quality in the food there. the ambience was very homely and cozy as well. although our seat was far too cozy because the fatty angmoh behind took up so much space.

fettucine with salami and mushrooms. a cheese-based pasta that tasted really good at first but got extremely je-lat towards the end :S

because jeremy likes prawns, pizza Marinara! oh and the prawns and mussels were really fresh too!

the crepe that looked so yummy on the menu but tasted horrible. the sauce was too sweet and the ice-cream was nothing special. the crepe tasted like unbaked dough bleargh. totally not worth $8.90!

haha and finally,

4 batches of f21 arrived yesterday and i was being a complaining, grumpy bitch because the packing and billing took 3 hours of my precious relaxation time. but so glad it’s all done now! can’t wait for the other 2 batches to come because my stuff are in one of them!

grumble grumble grumble

clothes mountain, clothes sea


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