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When in Rome is a great movie and definitely an even compromise between, say, Clash of the Titans and Remember Me (will find a way to watch it, by hook or by crook. Pattinson, waitt for meeeee!)

anyhow, i thought it was a super hilarious chickflick, with the standard cliches but enough slapstick humour to drive the movie back up the awesome scale! or rather, Jon Heder single-handedly did. he was so different from when i remembered him in Blades of Glory! at least now i know he’s totally not gay haha!!

but otherwise, i was pretty disturbed by the sheer height difference between Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel (<3)!!! it’s like Lord of the Rings + Clash of the Titans in the same movie!

how far back does my head have to tilt before you get the hint that i want to kiss you?

even with 3 inch heels, she's only eye-level with his chest!

must have given her alot of neckache and him alot of backpain man.

aww but sho shweet Duhamel was like the dream with his unrelentless chasing despite the Bell’s character bordering on psychotic since she believes in some weirdass shit about a coin curse. although if it were a real-life situation, he could probably get himself a girl twice as hot and not need to bother- but, my dear, FERGIE IS NOT IT!

but despite all the illogic, i still love watching chickflicks time after time because they paint a picture of positivity. nobody likes horrid movies with tragic endings, they might as well watched their own lives on replay. even when we make home videos, nobody makes videos of painful things (except maybe masochistic sex :S). people make videos of birthday parties, proposals, weddings and childbirths (joy of motherhood trumps physical pain). nobody films a break up intentionally. and even funerals are documented to honour the memory of the person, and not because someone likes to watch people cry.

so even if the hope is false, the irrational side of me still feels happy because there is a possibility that all these could happen in real life (:


spongebob! from the land of germany! 😀

it's a bad sign when someone says you look just like spongebob in this photo :S


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