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omg i was late for pharmaco CA today, although along the way i wasn’t really worried because i thought they would start late anyway. but then the adrenaline started to kick in, or should i say, bind to all the receptors when i reached the SOC building at 2.07 pm and realised there was absolutely nobody waiting outside the LT.


wah lao i normally how cool, never run for bus or mrt train one. but this time i panicked and had to break into a jog up the stairs. my unfit heart was tachycardia-ing like mad when i sat down just in time to hear the last bit of instructions before they started the paper.

well at least i think i did ok. better be man, considering the amount i studied. and this time i didn’t hold back and answered 97 out of 100 questions despite negative marking. life is a gamble anyway right?

after the test, i was totally intending to go home and start studying for miroB test next week (nerd!) but then susu and kaye said they were going to far east to strezz-out yo! and that was when i ditched an afternoon of microbes for some fun keesiao time with them!

anyway suelynn got her fringe cut by Candace at Formula Cuts far east for $8! yea very cheap, cheaper than plucking eyebrows. and because suelynn cut straight bangs, she’s very pleased that she no longer needs to care about overgrown eyebrows because they’ll be hidden behind the bangs! thus, maintaining bangs has now become a more economical than maintaining eyebrows.

i initially only wanted to get my fringe cut, because she cuts it for free for me heh! regular customer benefits. but then i thought about the dream i had 2 nights ago, about me DIY-colouring my ugly faded bleached hair (ex-purple streaks) back to black. and that dream is truly reflective of the woes that i had been experiencing for the past month. i used Loreal colour-protect shampoo daily ever since i dyed my hair somemore you know. at least my red streaks are still a little bit red, but the purple colour ran away like a delinquent child )):

sigh, anyway she said she could get it all done in 1 hour! i made an attempt to deliberate because i knew i would be in deepshit if my mum found out (WHY YOU WASTE MONEY), and then later rationalized that haha bet she wouldn’t notice the difference anyway. and also because it was rather luxuriant to pay $60 to re-dye 3 patches of hair. but in the long run, i think it pays off because i wouldn’t have to worry about colouring my hair again for the next 6 months while i grow it out to below-boob length. besides, $60 is inclusive of a free fringe cut, and hairwash! so yes, it’s a pretty justifiable investment.

so Candace smacked on a dark red dye, that showed up 1 hour later as purple-brown. haha she said something about the purple dye she used before being an acid chemical that stayed in my hair despite it having faded. so when she mixed another chemical in, then it activated the dormant purple to start expressing itself again. hahaha that’s some cheem hairdye jargon for you.

but i’m quite happy because the bleachy parts are gone and my hair doesn’t look so dry anymore! light hair tends to make your hair look drier. gen told me that before but i didn’t believe it cos all the light hair that i’ve seen look very silky smooth. oh well, i’ve learnt it the hard way now ): dark hair FTW!

haha in that 1 hour of getting my hair fixed, kaye and susu were entertaining themselves with the hairstyle tutorial videos on the plasma screen. chio japanese girls were taking turns to do up ridiculous, and also nice, hairstyles that only they can pull off. if i were to come to school one day with my hair sprayed to make the shape of a bow, i think i’d be seriously ostracized for life. but anyway that inspired us to visit Chamelon (stupidest name for a hair accessories shop every i swear) to try on various hair accessories! i finally found my hair chopsticks! although alot of them were wayyyy too gaudy, so i bought the most normal, yet colourful, one i could find for just $2.50! why can’t Diva sell nice hair chopsticks instead of headbands that i can’t wear!!

suelynn also taught me how to use bun pins! i seriously doubted that they would hold up so much hair, but then i bought 4 of them to try for myself and the bun really does stick on like magic! next, i’m going to be more daring and learn how to use the comb to create the tai-tai hairstyle. hahaha! kinda sucks that you can’t do much with layered hair though. but it would be troublesome to have to pimp my boring one-length hair every single day.

ok enough hair talk.

i can’t believe i ordered 6 batches of forever 21!!!!

i personally couldn’t find much to buy, except this!

just US$10.99 and it's glittery! 😀

and this

wah wah so sexy~! although that's a mix of warehouse's and topshop's lace-back tank designs. copykat f21! but oh well, nice and cheap la. only US$6.80!

so pretty!!

this was from the last batch i ordered earlier this month (my name is michelle and i am an F21 addict) and i absolutely loved this! the colour is so lovely! really one of the rare times that i truly didn’t regret buying something online (:


and then these pair of shorts i got because spring florals were really trending and at least denim is more versatile than a pair of high waisted bright floral printed cotton-based shorts that will can only be worn with limited tops.

like these:

very nice la, but not practical, considering i could have easily got something else that is cheaper. like the h81 shorts.

anyway, getting stuff cheap also has it’s own set of problems la. yesterday i was in school and the zip malfunctioned!! it went down and never could come back up! luckily my shirt was long enough to obscure the horrible wardrobe malfunction for the entire 10 – 4pm day. aiyo…but otherwise, it’s very comfortable and definitely a unique addition to my overflowing collection of denim shorts. hahaha that’s my weakness i think, buying the same few things in different colours instead of trying new designs.

but denim shorts are just so practical! shall resolve to find the guts to wear playsuits someday…

haha ok ok its 115am and i have to wake up for school tomorrow. GOODNIGHT!


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  1. OMG u doubt me?!

    i’ve been bunning my hair since primary school ok! i got the skillz! anw u should have gotten 5. haha. 5 is like the magic number! for me anyway. 4 isn’t enough for my hair…


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