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tired of the usual monotony of facing the post-it board (full of reminders: order f21 for kaye, check which f21 OOS, order 4th batch of f21, email vpost F21 invoice, pharmaco test on tues) on the wall in front of my studying table, i decided to study outside! but also to make things a little more interesting, i suggested that we take a little trip to Changi Airport instead of the usual coffee joints with cut-throat coffee prices.

thank god, and jeremy, for the car, because Changi Airport is really like on the other end of my world. also, i absolutely love car rides!! 😀 or rather, love to be driven around, ha!

we found tables and chairs outside each-a-cup (omg my drug!) and i managed to finish my studying target for the day! 😀 this was despite being severely distracted by this gaylord working in the store that was directly facing me, and every single time i looked up, i’d catch him in the middle of a gay-pride moment, like wearing the exercise band and strutting down the store aisle to the amusement of his colleagues. seriously, next time if you decide to take advantage of the GST-absorbed prices at Changi Airport, buy anything BUT headbands from Sportslink.

had this 3 times this week already. don't judge me.

i think i was trying to recall what point 2 on the slide was

play la~! play la~!

we had popeyes for dinner. and there, we met the most SEECKENING Singaporeans ever!

the place was packed as usual because it was dinner time. we had just gotten a seat, and was 3rd in line to order our food at the counter. the first person took a while to order but i suppose partly because the service staff were super busy, and thus, slow.

directly in front of us were these 3 adults and a boy, and i overheard them having a long discussion about what to order. the woman was taking out her iphone and everything to calculate the prices of the set meals etc.

then when it came to their turn, they decided to ask the counter staff for advice on their orders.

it’s fine if it takes you 3 minutes tops to make up your sickening mind.


wah lao!!! FRIED CHICKEN ONLY LEH! like that also cannot make up your mind? buy house, buy car how???

so pissed off man. and all this time they didn’t even have the courtesy to let all the other people queuing behind to order first while they were permutating and combining the entire menu of popeyes to obtain the order that best maximizes their marginal utility.

extremely inconsiderate and PLAIN SICKENING!

ugh! anw after dinner, we walked the whole of T3 and envied all the people with luggages and possibly going on an awesome holiday somewhere, anywhere. that’s the crappy thing about the airport- when you’re going there without the intention to travel ):

but it’s ok! we had our own brand of fun!

mocking some vainpot tourist that we caught pozing like that lol! and no that's not an excuse ok!

haha if you realized, the poses have absolutely no relation to the photo backdrop because...

The Perfect Pose, according to Barney Stinson

FAIL lol!

altogether now!

coincidentally enough, we happened to be right there when Earth Hour kicked off! they dimmed the lights by a significant amount at the baggage place. although i wouldn’t have realized it if not for the announcement, because they lights were still relatively bright enough. but it was when Earth Hour was up, and the normal lighting when back on, that i realized that Changi Airport has indeed been wasting alot of unnecessary electricity to brighten up the place.

ah now for wave 3, starting Sunday!

caffeine is the drug in my cup


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