receivers and givers

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$950 in my bank account woot woot!!! love the 25ths of each month (:

haha right now i’m deciding between redoing the messy diarrhea&constipation notes, or calling it a night and ROC (relac-one-corner). mm nah, definitely the latter!

anyway, a few days ago, we were taking about about the songs that i recently gave suelynn on a thumbdrive. and that led to the discussion of why people like cassy and suelynn, and come to think of it, gen, never bother to download their own songs. instead, they have their own personal limewire and bit torrent tooth fairies slipping them songs every now and then, in the form of a boyfriend. very convenient service right?

and then i realised the same situation has been pretty much the reverse for me. not that i’m complaining, i do enjoy sharing my music tastes, or imposing my likes and dislikes on someone else. although sometimes it’s seeckening when the receiver says something like ‘yucks, hate that song you sent me‘. ungrateful specimen… LOL

so based on these few observations, we concluded that these divides us into 2 specific classes of people. it doesn’t always have to happen strictly in a bgr of course. it probably occurs in the majority of relationships:


friend trying to make it more-than-friends (guilty! you probably are at some point in your life too),

sibling (stupid brother looted my ENTIRE SONG COLLECTION and sings it everyday in his zaoxia voice in the next room),

etc., where each individual would assume one of these positions: a song giver, and a song receiver

reasons for being a song receiver:

– LAZY, which is suelynn’s middle name, in addition to hotass, and chichi

– dunno how to download

– dont want to get caught

– no point downloading the same song if i can get it from you – my brother’s standard excuse man. also his excuse for not downloading scoopz and whole day koping my ipod touch to play.

– like weird songs that nobody has anyway, and all i have to do is listen to Gold 90 24/7

– illegal music downloading is BAD. but hey, not my problem when you do it!

– dont want to share my elitist music collection with you and see my favourite bands go mainstream

– your music taste is awesome (:

reasons for being a song giver

– prefer to have a more organized and personalized collection of music

– damn bloody fussy music taste

– everyone else has lousy music compared to me

– easy to download whatttt

– not scared of getting caught

– NOT lazy

– is as generous as santa claus when it comes to sharing good music (:

k i am biased because i am a song receiver and therefore less negative reasons, but whatever.

so which one are you? (:

not that being a song receiver is bad though, because we need equal division of song distribution duties to have balance in this world. 2 people trying to impose conflicting music tastes on each other would be baddd. and even if you have song tastes that are completely alike-and-made-for-each-other, won’t you probably end up having the same few songs anyway? so like the F factor making its way into a receiving bacteria cell, song receiving and giving is necessary and beneficial for mankind’s survival! although can’t really say the same for bacterial sexual reproduction HA.

anyway, on a completely unrelated note, i was having tuition today and in the midst of one of my stoning sessions while the kid does her work. i turned to look at the main gate, and saw a stray cat poking its head in and preparing to sneak right into the house! and then it saw my turning to look and immediately retracted its head from in between the bars of the gate. and BEST! it sat down and pretended to look away and act blur. i know cats are not that smart, but SERIOUSLY LOOK LIKE LA! ahahaha but i kept my eye fixed on it. and eventually, it gave up acting blur and sneaked in through the gate.

so the whole cat was physically in the house, and i had to interrupt the kid and say ‘er…there’s a cat in your house’

hahaha and she called for her maid to shoo the cat away. and as it jumped out through the gate, i saw that its tail was lumpy at the end ): must’ve been the victim of some sadistic kid that tied its tail up and thought it was fun. i tie your hands up with a circulation-stopping rubberband, then you see whether fun or not.

and on a slightly less, but still, related note. i’ve decided that i’m a dog person, although i’m still scared when dogs bark at me and i hate it especially when they lick. if a stray dog had jumped into the house, i would’ve definitely regarded it with much less disgust than a stray cat and probably gone to play with it.

cavalier king charles! why couldn't one of these thousand-over dollars stray pop into my house lol

although last time, a little kitten ran into my house, much to the dismay of my anti-pet parents, haha and i was the only one who was brave enough to carry it back out. poor kitty later got shooed away fiercely by my dad and stayed at the bottom of the stairs mewing pathetically ):

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