this too shall pass

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it’s been tough.

my days are filled with plain monotony of studying because the pressure is so intense that one tiny slip would have very serious consequences on my grades. i’m getting headaches at least 3 times a week now, alternating between migraine and tension-type. haha i think if i had kept a headache diary, the diary itself would get a headache.

i know stress is all part and parcel of life, and today, while i was attempting to study NSAIDs on the bus ride to school, i was just thinking (obviously drifting off from actually memorizing some mindmap about eicosanoids) about how fortunate i am to be able to learn all this, because in reality, i think the content that i’ve been forced to memorize all throughout the past few months has been extremely beneficial to me.

before this sem, before knowing about all the drug names and their actions, i was self-medicating like a doodoo bird and experiencing all the side effects without even realizing it! i used to have very bad eczema in on my fingers, palms and the fingerwebs. and i was using hydrocortisone like 2 times everyday for like MONTHS. and the eczema got worse and worse and eventually i gave up because it was so much work to keep applying every night. hahaha and then it went away slowly. but it turns outs that hydrocortisone is only supposed to be used for a maximum of 7 days, otherwise side effects manifest in the form of thinning skin, worsening of eczema and acne. wah lao i felt so cheated when i found out, so i went to scold my nurse mother for failing to inform me. but only for her to reply nonchalantly (like it was supposed to be some well-known fact), ‘ya use 7 days only what.‘ seeeeckeninggg….

yea so i guess what i’m saying is that i’m happy to be doing what i do, but i really wish there wasn’t so much pressure to do well. but then again, i suppose that’s the only way we will ever learn. like real in my free time i will go and memorize drug monographs like that.

2 more tests until the 3rd wave is over! and then it’s UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SENTOSA baby!!!! imma be one of the first out of all my friends to go. COOL OR NOT!

anyway, be amazed:


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