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gonna attempt to summarize a very unproductive (studying-wise) yet productive (FUN-WISE) saturday.

had yum cha for lunch in one of the alleyways in chinatown. we had to walk past backalleys of 2 streets. damn complex man! also, i think i was busy dodging the annoying drizzle and following jeremy blindly so i can’t point out the exact location of the place lol! eventually we turned up in the lobby of the restaurant, facing nothing but a lift that looks dysfunctional, and an otherwise, empty lobby. but then we go up a one-person-wide escalator and there it is, the restaurant proper!

the food is great too! much better standard than mirarmar hotel. had so much to eat! ordered like 10 dishes and everything cost $44 in total LOL, again, eating the share of a family of 4.

charsiew shou! can never get the pronunciation right but i just anyhow whackkk la

prawn chee cheong fan - sauce abit too bland i think, peach garden has nicer ccf!

collagen-rich chili chicken feet!

mango prawn! yea its seriously half mango, half prawn. somemore the mango is very sweet, yum!

mini egg tarts! wah champion dish of the day man!! if only i had more room in my stomach to gobble up another 3 more.

after lunch, popped over to the cheap cheap pseudo-guardians/watsons and stocked up on veet and garnier! must emphasize how much discount you can get at that place man! garnier light sells for like 16.90 outside, but i managed to get it for only 10.50!! because it was so cheap, i got the overnight peeling cream also.

oh yes, anyway i want to say that the stupid overnight cream is so misleading! the exact name of the cream is ‘overnight whitening peeling cream‘, so obviously you will think that you’re supposed to apply a thick layer, and then the cream is going to harden into a mask for you to peel off in 1 swift motion the next morning.

so i spam la! spam until my face sting like siao! luckily i realised that its actually a cream to ‘peel off ‘ the dead skin, like a keratolytic. wah lao heng ah, i nearly peeled off my entire face with the amount i applied.

anw i’ve concluded, after using the whitening product for 28 days (starting immediately after that frightening sun damage lecture), that it did nothing to make me any fairer. rather, i think the placebo effect is that i will be more concerned about staying in the sun, and taking greater measures to protect myself so that my effort to use the product won’t go to waste. anyway at the rate that i’m stuck at home studying, i think i’m going to auto-whiten by the end of the semester.

however, i think it helped clear up alot of the stress-induced breakout that i incurred over the month of feb when the workload started to max out. somehow the pimples heal alot faster and my skin becomes smoother! so yea i’m going to keep using it and track the progress, esp on my shoulders, because oh the horror of horrors, i have freckles!!!

k anyway i met suelynn later at vivo because she lives near nianrong and offered to be a kind guide to shuttle me over to the birthday party! but before that i went to topshop and made use of the 15% member’s discount to get a pair of sandals. damn comfortable man, so much more worth $40 than the stupid ASOS sandals i bought ): haha i got then to peel off the price tag so i could wear it straightaway! ๐Ÿ˜€

well and now onto the birthday party. it was my very first attendance of a 21st birthday party! and it was held at nianrong’s very new house at jambol place. food was caterered buffet-style, but i didn’t really eat much cos yumcha dimsum was still undigested in my gut. the chicken wing was nice though!

spent the rest of the time taking alot of unglam photos with my camera’s kids and pets function, as well as awing at cheryl’s super cool camera that has a hidden lcd next to the camera lens- so at the very last minute before pressing the shutter, she suddenly switches on the lcd and everyone’s expression immediately switches to shock (mouth opened, eyes wide) and then she sneakily presses the shutter to capture that priceless expression haha! very good!

HAHA kaye...but even cheryl was too fast for me


scoopz of the party

with nianrong (n white) the birthday girl!

taken from nianrong's dad's dslr! nice!! (:

to prove that my camera is just as awesome, or even better than a dslr, this is a self-taken shot with kaye's relatively petite-length (lol!) hand. and the picture frame fits 5!!

haha some korean chili chocolate that got weixian and yoong kuan sputtering, but was relatively ineffective when suelynn, kaye and i tried it. still, i find it pretty strange to combine chocolate with chili, the both of them just don't go tgt man.

playing the 'aim the chocolate wrapper into kaye's (ample) cleavage' game!

2 lesbians trying to vy for my attention with mango cake

hahaha!! charles (funny story) and susu terrorizing kaye

rebecca! who is losing weight so fast she's disappearing into thin air!! so motivated to get a treadmill and run 40mins everyday and lose 10 kg man, but heh, i'm lazy (:

kaye and that monster of a car she drives! although i love sitting in it cos it's EXTREMELY spacious! thanks for giving me a lift to farrer!!!

one day of fun and madness and no studying seriously feels too weird man. haha i seriously laughed until my jaws were aching so much! awesome party!

haha right now i must start taking notes of all the 21st parties i get invited to already. like food, venue, theme, cake, potential dslrs to borrow, and so on. right now the plan is to have a triple celebration with cassy and melinda at a pretty-much confirmed top secret venue only known to a select few (otherwise people might kope the idea and ruin it altogether). now all we need is a fantastic theme and for very compliant guests, even if the theme is Victoria Secrets ๐Ÿ˜‰

cassy, are you up for it? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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