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i have no idea why it never occurred to me to have dinner at Ivin’s before!

(reading hungrygowhere’s reviews really sheds light on how some people can simply be SO PICKY about food. give you cheap cheap price already also want to complain not hot enough -.- then expensive also complain not value for money. and raise price by $1 from a $6.50 dish also kaopei like siao. what you wantttt…you tell me? stay at home and cook la!)

my family used to frequent the restaurant all the time when it was still situated along thomson road. but then they shifted to Jalan Leban (upper thomson) and it got too troublesome to keep going there by car, so we became lazy and never went back.

anyway the other day when jer and i were running out of options for dinner, at the same time without breaking the bank- my bank is closed now because i have given up my tuition income for a whole month because of the damn exams. and sometimes the desire for new clothes kinda trumps the need to splurge on food.

and then i had the brilliant idea to revisit Ivin’s! sadly, the management has probably changed hands a couple of times from the couple from 5 years ago. but the place remains oddly the same, with the same decor, and the same distinct smell when you walk into the place.

being greedy, we ordered like 4 dishes for the both of us- the same amount my family of 4 eats when we go there LOL!!! and then usually, i only get to eat like very limited portions because my brother gets priority to gobble up all the yummy food. but this time, it became damn gelat after awhile because there was too much to go around! ok more like back and forth because only got 2 people lol!

you know like marginal utility? haha it really started to plunge rapidly towards the end of the meal.

babi pongteh

succulent pork omnom! damn sinful but I DONT KARE!

nonya chap chye - not particularly nice because it was salty. could've been better.

bakwan kepeting - soup with 6 of these delicious mince balls!

soting hitam - MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!!! haha can't believe i missed it out when we first ordered. but then i remembered and so that's how we ended up being greedy with 4 dishes

wah lao damn greedy sia.

we spent $33 in total FOR SO MUCH FOOD!! you go to astons and eat the prime rib, that already costs you like $30 for that un-nutritional plate of carbs. not saying that whatever we ate was any healthier but it’s definitely more value for money!

other dishes worth trying:

Papaya Titek, Otakotak, Ngor Hiang, Bubor Cha Cha, Ayam Buah Keluak, Longbeans Titek

wah like almost everything on the menu already LOLLLL. shit getting hungry at 1.30am in the morning. better put a halt to all thoughts triggering the cephalic phase and go sleep.


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