at war

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bloody. screwed.

but who cares? haha i had a very enjoyable time at gen’s doing everything except studying. in that 4 hours, we watched 1 episode of glee over dinner (cai fan and koi milk tea- which is bloody overpriced and sucks compared to sweet talk or each a cup), ate lots of snacks, had a very entertaining conversation about testicle-groping with nat and qing hui, and finally, this:


had to crop the picture because i zaogeng-ed during my sheer enthusiasm to bodyslam gen LOL

oops! didn't mean to block all of gen's attempts to appear in the photo

ironically happy despite sticking out of someone's ass

absolutely love the kids and pets function! hahahaha we were laughing so hard after each photo! damn good workout man.

ooh yes! finally got the photos from last wed from nat!

us with horny spice!

omg now time to get down to mugging the rest of fever and pain ): just thinking about it really depresses me ):


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