what up! weekend

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went for the IT show on friday! crazy packed i tell you. by the time we finished dinner (astons just as crowded ):), it was already 820pm. and after wading through the crowd, the only deciding factor about whether i’d get all my stuff was pure, solid Efficiency.

and boy, were we efficient! haha there could be no time for accidental walking into the wrong hall because the throngs of people could very well drag us away from the target like how it usually happens in a  bad dream. there wasn’t even enough time to browse stuff from stall to stall or stop to take a flyer, and then find a dustbin to thrash it. it was serious business yo~!

i eventually managed to get my seagate freeagent go and philips dvd player (with thumbdrive input) within that 40 minutes! success!! sadly though, they didn’t have any pink hard drives for the free agent go ): just boring black blue and white for the 320gb hard drive (i forget whether its called hard disk or drive alr, bloody confusing IT lingo). but then there was the 500gb in red! so i paid $30 more for it. basket, go home then realize my laptop cannot seem to install the hard drive’s autosync program ): so i had to manually backup using another program on windows.

gahh. although i’m very happy about the philips DVD player! i got it for $69!! so exciting man. now i keep watching all my downloaded episodes of Gossip Girl, HIMYM, BBT, Greys, Lost (yes, i’m the only idiot who’s sTILL watching it) and Friends on the hugeass plasma tv that my dad bought on impulse at last year’s IT fair and was sitting in my room like a white elephant all this while.

on saturday, i bromanced with shen and moey and had a helluva fun time! somehow time always seems to slip by unnoticed when i’m listening to their endless stories and occasional bitchy bickering. all very amusing of course! lol we were eating at barcelonas- dunno whatever burger place near provence la. no idea why i’ve never tried it before in the past 4 years of frequenting holland v.

boren and deborah dropped by and we had dessert at Everything With Fries, which just newly opened at holland v. ugh their supposedly famous nutella tart is like extremely rich and a total overkill. usually i don’t complain about things being too sweet, but that tart was seriously overworking my beta islet cells like crazy! although the hot banana something that shen got the last piece of was good though! i just hope their food tastes good enough to redeem themselves from that yucky pie.

and then sunday was spent failed-mugging at spinelli. haha was so distracted by myself that i failed to accomplish my target for the day ): omg 1 more pharm pract lecture to go. fever and pain, you are such a pain in the ass ):


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