the day of the crossdressers

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yesterday was one of the most memorable pharmacy lectures i’ve ever attended. it was a tutorial session in which groups are presented with case studies in which we’re supposed to interpret, diagnose, and counsel the patient accordingly. and each session, 6 groups are chosen to present their case in the form of role play.

honestly, it is boring most of the time, especially when the acting is stiff and the role play is completely conventional. so we decided to liven things up a little this week! because i refused to act, i decided to script the roleplay. hahaha and forced the only guy in our group, enthusiastic and gungho mahmah, to take on the role of the female patient. then nat and nash suggested having a bitchy pharmacist instead of the traditional goody-types that are portrayed for the sake of acing the graded demonstration.

thankfully, mahmah and nash were sporting enough to take on the roles of the SPG wife and bitchy pharmacist respectively. then we added more colour to the SPG character by getting mahmah to wear nat’s dress (that was too large for her) and have stuffed D cup boobs. in addition to all that, a wig and some shades LOL!!


it was absolutely hilarious the first time we all laid eyes on a she-mah! mag walked into the room because she was late for the meeting, and then she-mah was right in front of her when she opened the door. according to nat, mag literally jumped back in shock because she couldn’t register who he really was. LOL!

luckily, before i came to school, i was warned that he was already cross-dressed. so i peeped into the room first and got a blast of the she-mah. and other than a very broken-sounding ‘oh. my. god.‘, i was speechless for the next 20 seconds when i walked in.

seriously, if you woke up and saw the she-mah standing next to your bed, you’d go into cardiac arrest immediately!

stuffing them D cuppers in

yes, that is how you do it. geylang roadside-style yo!

and the best part was that we played the chorus of ‘hot n cold‘ on nash’s ipod, blasted it onto the microphone system, while she-mah strutted down the left aisle of the LT and waved to everyone. omg the roar of laughter was simply deafening, and at least 5 different people whipped up their camera phones to record a video of the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

sadly though, the lecturer’s weren’t too pleased with the serious aspects of the presentation, mainly because there weren’t any LOL! but who cares, everyone had fun! i do believe we deserved full marks for presentation, and entertainment value.

anyway, i am truly appalled by the jack neo scandal. honestly, he was the last person that i’d have expected to be part of something so perverse (less than half your age? c’mon man), so brutal (for his wife and family) and so irresponsible (for the career that he has painstakingly built).

its true that humans aren’t perfect. and while we claim to strive for perfection in life, at the same time judging and criticizing others for their own mistakes, such ‘natural’ erring is only acceptable and forgivable to a certain extent. if you have one affair (and i am generous enough to give an allowance of 1 girl, regardless of the no of individual indiscretions with her), and you realize your mistake, it’s acceptable.

but 11?

and FINALLY now, when everything goes public, then you decide that ‘ok now it’s truly time for me to be sorry

completely unforgivable! although i think the media has been extremely kind to him considering the magnitude of this situation. all the reports talk about are that his wife has forgiven him, minister George Yeo and Mark Lee praising him for his honesty- funny that it’s never too late to be honest. so really, it’s ok to call up good friends and say casually,

‘hey i’m going to be honest right now, i’ve had a couple of affairs, and i’ve decided to come clean. all this while i’ve never been honest. but NOW, now is the time you recognize that i’m am truly an honest man. so stand by me in this tough time as i take the bullet for enjoying myself so thoroughly all this while and never bothered to be honest about it.’

but even kinder is his wife, who has volunteered to stick through it with him despite everything- all 11 of them. i felt kinda sad watching the press conference. i still have my doubts about whether it was scripted, but the fact was that she was still willing to do it to salvage her husband’s reputation as well as their family. i don’t think many women would have done such an honorable thing in her situation because the easy way would have been a divorce.

anw this is the french model whom jack neo tried to hit on when she was only 16

hahahaha i’m quite amused that their affair smses are this incoherent. it was exactly like the sms exchange between tiger woods and one of his mistresses, that was published in 8 days. dirty talk in super bad grammar!

the little snitch who started it all

haha seriously is it REALLY worth it to risk your career, kids’ respect (if it’s not bad enough that you named them after hotels), and wife’s trust to screw someone who looks like that??? his wife must have been so insulted! and this wendy chong character must’ve been seriously ticked off, and highly confident about her looks, to leak the whole story out to the media.

and once again, we see another vivid subscriber of the ‘mistress-postulate‘- the postulation that the married man they’re screwing will eventually leave his wife for you and live happily ever after.

sweetheart, in order for that to have any sort of possibility of working, you’ve got to look somewhat like her:

take that all you sucker mistress-postulate believers!

finally, look what i found at #jackneo on twitter

Wat did JackNeo reply wen WendyChong ask hw can she land a major role in his movie? He replied “吸吸这里,插插那里,简单极了” (Quoted frm Mitsubishi Adv)


check out the press conference video recording here:


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