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this week was one of the craziest ones i’ve ever had. crazy-bad and crazy-good. the crazy-bad speaks for itself and today was really the climax of it all because i had a very bad migraine for the entire day and literally struggled to stay focused for the rest of the day’s lectures. by the last lecture, the pain was so intense i just zoned out for most of it had copied notes from suelynn and kaye whenever i felt slightly better.

some days are just shit i guess.

but anyway this week was extremely memorable because we had our spontaneous prank-a-cassy day! hahaha it was totally out of the blue and probably stress-induced too.

on sunday night, we were talking about cassy on msn and her reputation of being a cassanova, and suddenly kaye thought of Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold! and then as she was typing out all the lyrics into the conversation, she had a brilliant idea to record a version of it and sing it to cassy in school the next day!

and then i had the wonderful idea of editting the lyrics to make it even funnier! hahaha unfortunately the funniest parts cannot be disclosed, but here’s a short verse of the song!

Someone! Call the Doctor!

Got a case of a Cass-a-no-va

Still caught up,

Being a player,

Keep breaking their heartssss……~!

wish i could’ve uploaded the song because kaye seriously has wonderful vocal and musical talents! but she would kill me :S

anw, was sitting outside picturesque ION orchard the other day and playing with camera functions, damn fun!

colour swap function: switched greys with reds and the picture turns out looking like popart!

turns all the light spots in the bg to special shapes! in this case, stars. lol like that also shiok~!

testing the speed of the shutter in the 'kids and pets' function. pretended to be a kid who wouldn't stop waving long enough to take a picture. but the shutter still managed to catch my hand in mid-air! not bad!

now you know that when one kid flaps the hair of another kid like a birdie, you can still catch them in action without getting a blurred photo!

misery, please end ):


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