doll revisited

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ooh so nice, these barbie dolls seem to have variably-bent legs. the old standard-bent legs used to frustrate me all the time because barbie could stand flat on her feet

haha i was surfing ASOS when i found this!

and it made me reminisce about all the times i used to talk to barbie dolls and make them do stupid things to live out my imaginary stories. then after awhile i’d be too lazy to end the story, so i chuck them aside.

i think the only time that i liked to play with a barbie doll was when they were newly removed from the box, with their nice smooth hair, new clothes and miniature accessories to play with. after awhile, their hair gets tangled like nobody’s business, it becomes such a stupid hassle to rip off their tight-fitting clothes and tug on new ones, and omg, even more tiring to keep balancing them on chairs or hold them when they stand up.

lol it costs 30 pounds for a barbie doll from ASOS. i honestly think that amount of money is better spent on buying a dress for myself. sure beats fighting with some plastic inanimate object to fit her ridiculously stiff arm into the sleeve.

ooh which reminds me, i still have a Harley Davidson (haha, suelynn) barbie and ken doll collector’s edition set, brand new in the box!

Barbie Collectibles Year 1999 Motor Cycles Harley Davidson Collector Edition Set with Barbie Doll, Leather Jacket, Sleeveless T-Shirt, Pants with Chain Belt, Boots, Scarf, Helmet, Sunglasses, Earrings, Backpack and Certificate of Authenticity

1999 barbie is chubby compared to those modern-age anorexic demons above

Harley Davidson Barbie Collectible Ken Doll #2

lol i realized that unshaven ken looks less gay

my mum won it when i was in primary school i think. and she forbade me to open it up to play with it because she says it will sell for a fortune in the future. i was very sad of course, because i have a thing for miniature toys- even till now, i’m always very tempted to buy one of those miniature supermarkets with the miniature groceries at the wheelock toy shop, but bloody expensive and irrational la. that’s the difference between me and an adult male who actually spends $75 on a transformers robot.

anyway, i was saying, the Harley Davidson dolls have like super alot of miniature things to play with la! got like motorbike keys, the metal chains that dangle from barbie’s vest, her shades, a helmet, AND A BACKPACK! so exciting ok!

Harley barbie is valued at US$45.97 while ken is valued at US$89.95 from that amazon link i checked out haha. why so vast difference ah? must be because people prefer the timeless good looks of an unshaven ken to outdated non-anorexic barbie.


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