strike, balance

this semester is draining the life out of me. the intensity is far greater than any other time in all my 20 years. are they trying to kill me before i become a legal adult?

well because of the stress, i had to give up tutoring a kid today. travelling was so arduous and it has been stressing me out for the past week because it’s an absolute dread to balance all the studying with tutoring. the extra income is great, but the opportunity cost of time was getting larger and larger. i’m abit disappointed with myself because last sem i could handle 4 kids, no problem, and this sem i’m giving up so easily. but oh well, at least i freed up some time to really get up to speed with school.

enough about complaining.

today was the first official day that we missed suelynn in school ): because she had to go for an atheroscopy. we made her a special get well soon card, with the help of this month’s Cleo magazine and one very hot bachelor 😉 i was so proud of my artwork, and i know suelynn will appreciate it a great deal during the recovery process. although when i first handed it to her, she took one look at it and leg out a piercing wail (of concealed excitement), stuffed it into her bag and refused to ever take it out again for anyone to look at it.

so while she’s been missing school, we’ve been helping her record lectures on her voice recorder. and adding commentaries in at crucial points to keep her attention level at 100% while listening to the lectures at home. hahaha!!

oh yea and today, i brought the camera to school and we hip xiong-ed like crazy! hahah actually i wasn’t intending to take any photos. but then i got high on 2 cups of coffee and started annoying them during the break with all these unglam phototaking LOL!

kaye's malicious side-glance


provoking the mongolian

provoked mongolian is pissed off

some long arms!

bye bye purple streak ): hello ugly ash patches ):


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