tinea by the pool

next time i don't shy already- i wear bigini

spent all afternoon at NSRCC, which is all the freaking way in mother-ulu changi, to study and swim!

i was going to doze off while reading the tinea notes when, out of the corner of my eye, i saw some sudden movement in the trees in front of me. 2 seconds later, a little monkey popped out from between the branches! haha it was like a two-in-one thing you know? i don’t have time to spend a day at the zoo this recess week, so i compromise and attempt to study while being at someplace relaxing. but at the same time, i have a monkey to entertain me!

heading for the pool!

haha i think i studied more than i swam though. omg, at first, i typed ‘swimmed’ HAHA!

the pool is really nice though, so much more scenic than most of the other pools i’ve been to. plus they have 3 mini jacuzzis next to the beach chairs. although it was littered with random pieces of leaves and barks, and i kept worrying about the idea that someone with tinea pedis might have contaminated the water before and might pass on the fungal infection to me, it was awesome to soak in the bubbling water and get a good hydro-massage after last night. ya, last night i substituted mambo night to sit on my chair for 5 solid hours to start and finish the biotech lab report. worse night of my life…

oh but the scorching hot sun was finally putting itself to good use today. although i switched to smacking on lots of sunblock instead of suntan because i’ve decided not to age my skin anymore.

boo. so fast and it’s already the last weekday of recess week ): complain complain complain…


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  1. wah lao biotech finish already!!!! i haven’t even STARTED!


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