hey, i know, this could be something

harry made with prego's tomato dip!

i don’t really know what authentic Italian food is supposed to taste like, but Prego wasn’t too bad! pity that the lipsy dress i wore was extremely tight, and the corset wires were cutting into my sides like thorns. so i wasn’t exactly very comfortable enough to savour all of the food ): gave up trying to finish the pizza in the end not because it sucked, but because if i took another bite, the zip would’ve burst ):

don’t know how women in the Victorian ages survived with the corsets. it’s a mere torture to do things with them la. can’t even bend down without feeling extreme agony. want to yawn also so suppressed because my ribs can’t expand that much. my total inspiratory capacity was probably compromised by at least 30% for the whole afternoon la, no wonder get migraine now LOL!

lasagne that was crispy at some parts! very interesting

pizza with porcini mushrooms, orgasmic bouncy prawns and cheese

anyway Valentine’s day movie is a pain in the ass to watch if you really hate the day, and a pretty good movie if you don’t. definitely SO MUCH BETTER than i love you new york. hahaha loved that they made patrick dempsey and eric dane play extremely different characters from that in Greys. LOL i really dont know how dane does it man, he’s still so mcsteamy even though he’s 40 plus, while dempsey already has a belly.

favourite scenes in the movie have got to be the ones with both taylors in it. hahaha taylor swift is amazingly convincing at acting bimbo. if i hadn’t watched her in that cameo ep of CSI before, i’d have believed that she’s actually also like that in real life. the other taylor, well, muskles – always a joy to look at.

hahah i apologize for my incoherent attempt to summarize the day. so freaking tired already ):

but most importantly, thanks for everything ❤

red rose huat ah~!


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