hu nian huat huat II

wah i tell you i’ve never been more desperate to study on a chinese new year than this year. i wasn’t even this intense in sec 4 or jc 2 okay. it’s just that it’s so unnerving to waste so much time away celebrating when 4 frightening content-heavy tests are waiting for me when i get back to school. yes i sound very sad indeed.

soon all these emotional stress will be a sure trigger for all things like excess sebum production, leading to the conversion by some lurking Pityrosporum Ovale into free fatty acids, that will irritate my skin and cause scaling and SEBORRHOEIC DERMATITIS.

sorry, i just had to say all that to make sure i spelt the last 2 words correctly. took me a full 3 minutes to get that right last night man.

and when i get insomnia from snacking on too many cny goodies while watching friends until 2am, i go through the list of drug names and try to remember each of their classifications until eventually my brain gives way to unconscious sleep.

well anyway, i went visiting today for more angpao lootz! went all the way over to bedok reservoir view to visit my mum’s colleague, who came over last year with her 2 hyperactive kids. and i remember they were so amazed with amber, and nearly threw her up when i tried to let them get a chance at carrying her.

this time, my brother and i just sat around and amused ourselves by watching them making a huge din of a concert with castonets, a triangle, bells, pens, dustbins and basically anything that makes noise.

after that we went downstairs to camwhore at the lobby of the condo, like our own home liddat LOL

wa eh lao bu and brother

stupid step not even enough to give me 20cm of height

after lunch, my dad and i went to ikea to get me my study chair! found a decent one with a soft and comfy backrest for $79 and in red! gave me so much more motivation to get through the rest of contact dermatitis notes plus demand and supply.

other than that, day 2 not as exciting. can’t wait for tml though! (:


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