hu nian huat ah!

huat huat!

completed maternal and paternal visiting within one day! the day started at 915 am, when i forced myself up to shower, change and curl my hair with the iron (that i now realized, can only do ‘slight’ waves instead of voluminous curls). bloody hell…

by 1045, we were at my maternal’s collecting angpao loot! ooh, i love the angpaos that i get there. all damn fat and full of blue notes! yes i know this ruins the spirit of what chinese new year is really all about (i think it has something to do with a lion called nian whom people scared away with loud noises), but don’t bluff la, who doesn’t like to see whether they can collect bigger angpaos this year?

okay well but i guess cny is also about socializing and secretely checking out how the cousins have grown and whether they are smarter, taller or hotter than you. oh speaking of taller, there was this boy cousin whom everyone used to make me stand back to back with to compare heights every cny when we met. haha it used to be a close fight all the way until he sadly stopped growing before i did, and then my relatives gave up the height comparison when they figured that he was never going to catch up ever. haha!

well other than that, i’ve never been really close to my cousins because we didn’t get the chance to hang out much after childhood. even the little ones whom i used to play with all the time grew up eventually and became brooding unfriendly teenagers. so eventually, everyone kind of drifted apart. very tragic ): and i am certain i would never let this happen to my children. hahaha so every new year, my brother and i would sit in a corner and gossip about each cousin.

me: wah lao, look more and more like man sia!

brother: she’s a mannnnn eaterrr, make you work hard, make you buy cars, make you cut cards…

(yea i know the song is exactly opposite of the intended meaning. but my brother sang the first song that came to mind, and had a ‘man’ in it’ LOL)

me: EH look look! (at tiny pigtail that my female cousin grew out at the end of boyish cropped hair)

brother: eh sucker fish!

k shit we’re very bitchy. hahahah!! no wonder this year angpao less than last year’s.

anywayyy, i was talking to my auntie about her trip to old trafford over christmas. SO LUCKY OKAY! i’m not a fan of man utd but bloody hell, i wish i were there already! they showed us this album of all the dslr-quality photos. btw i don’t wish that i owned a dslr. the additional lenses are mother expensive and i simply don’t understand the street cred that some people associate with a dslr slung around the neck while walking around in town. i just wished i could be in dslr photos cos they are super nice!!!

so tempted to take it and start camwhoring man

back to what i was saying, i was totally bursting with envy at their beautiful holiday photos! it didn’t help that the dslr was so awesome at capturing the essence of london and its amazing sights. there were photos of them being 5 cm away from giggs’ soccer jersey in the real change room, and my little cousin sitting in alex’s ferguson’s stadium seat, and them lounging around in the business class cubicles on the new cathay airplane. wah lao that is the dream i tell you. one day, that’s gonna be me in those photos and showing them off to jealous people who wish they were living my life LOL!

yea well. which means i gotta study the list of OTC drugs harder now. crotamiton, malathion, benzyl alcohol. omg after awhile they all sound the same!!! ):

after lunch, we went over to paternal’s. its pretty scary how, in a year, so much has changed. my grandma has full-blown dementia now. her memory is pretty much like a goldfish. most of the long and all of the short term memories are gone. she doesn’t recall ever meeting my brother and i, or even my cousins, whom she used to live with every single day before she went to the nursing home. thankfully, she does remember her own chlidren. although once, my dad said she forgot that one of her sons had already passed away, and was asking for him.

well but emo parts aside, her recurrent questions proved to be most entertaining for all of us there. haha when we came, my dad introduced us to my brother and i again, saying that we were his children. and she was saying (in teochew) ‘wahhh! so big already!’

but then 5 minutes later, she was asking who we were again. haha i’ve never actually seen a real case of dementia! and i always thought that my dad was exaggerating when he told us about her. but it’s really for real leh. everytime he’d tell her who we were, she’d say the same thing ‘wahhh! so big already! so tall!‘ and then 5 minutes later, she’s conspiratorially asking my father who these two strangers sitting on the couch were.

lol! once, my dad passed me her pouch to help him keep in my bag, cos he was going to bring it home and organize the money for her. and then she was tapping him on the arm persistently until she got his attention, and then she asked (again, in teochew, and kindly translated for me to laugh at later), ‘why you give my money to stranger!!’

ah man…its a terrible thing to laugh at. but cannot be so emo during cny heh!

so by the end of the day, i collected a loot of $506! awesome or what yo! and am visiting another house tomorrow, may there be more angpaos to collect along the way! (:

finally, some photos!

act cool siol!

camera frame nearly shaved off my brother strange faux hawk lol!

omg check out this awful picture of me in my fattest!! that was sec 1 i think. absolutely terrible...

haha stupid wide angle effect makes me look phat ): and guess who's the cousin i'm dwarfing over now LOL!

the only friendly pre-teenager cousin left haha! he speaks with a brit accent because he goes to HK intl school. how cool is that!

us with the grandma who is probably wondering, at that point in time, why the jokers in the back are taking photo with her.


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