huat huat friday!

as you are well aware, today was the eve of the eve of chinese new year! haha and in the very festive spirit of things (despite a pressing deadline for a barely completed project and countless of post-recessweek tests to mug for), the 4 of us decided to colour-coordinate and wear red for our very own HUAT HUAT FRIDAY!

haha and i just realised that i only own about 2 red tops in my wardrobe. how sad is that! anyway, luckily nobody pangsehed, except for cassy who seemed to have some vision deficiency because she insisted that her pink top was red.

after lunch, we self-timer camwhored in the canteen despite many KAYPOH onlookers. there were a bunch of lecherous-looking men in the next table staring at us the whole time like it was as exciting as a strip show or something. STARE WHAT STARE HUH HUH HUH?

ok but i guess whatever we were doing in the following pictures did deserve quite abit of staring. but who cares, tis the season for HUATING yo!

kinky kaye and spanky ass su-su

look at kaye's 'wth' face in response to cassy's failure to fulfill her 'huat-ah' standards

successfully HUAT AH!

in a previous photo, suelynn said i was blocking her. after this, i get scolded by kaye for ruining the photo LOL

hahaha after that cassy and i decided to corner prudish suelynn and take a picture of us kissing her. wah lao how often do you get to be kissed by 2 hot girls at the same time LOL! some people dunno how to appreciate.

anyway for future reference, if you are kissing suelynn, make sure you catch her wayyy off guard. LOL

LOLLLL!! i nearly got her there

had to duck in time before cassy's misfire connected with my own lips

finally gave up. although you can totally sense the tension in suelynn's expression, in case we spring another attack on her lol!

haha what a way to end the last week of school. although the timetable is much less tiring than the previous sems, the content of the modules are hell lot heavier ): i’m surviving on nescafe canned coffee nearly every single day just to keep 100% awake for lectures, because if i sleep, then gone case lo. i suspect that is also the reason why i haven’t been able to shed my holiday weight gain ): all the milk in the coffee…

lunchtimes are barely existent on mondays and thursdays as well. but cassy and i always make it a point to walk halfway across science to the crowded canteen to eat a proper meal within the narrow time window of 15 mins between lectures. haha it’s a miracle but she has actually been conditioned to finish her food alot faster on these two days! and, it seems, only on these two days..

then there’s 3 hour labs on tues and fridays. those are times where my leg muscles feel like they’re gonna give up on me any minute because of all the standing.

and omg, not forgetting the tests, projects and reports……

it’s week 4 and i’ve already drafted my mugging timetable for the 4 midterm tests, something that i didn’t ever have to do for the past 2 semesters (because there were hardly any midterms), until a month before finals. and yes, my timetable can’t even spare day 1 of CNY from being a mugging day )):

however, despite struggling through one of the toughest semesters in the whole 4 year course, we still manage to have fun in school with all the kee-siaoness in lectures and during breaks. and i guess, that’s what makes everything so much more bearable! (:

also, i can’t wait for CNY! time to wear the lipsy dress that has been unworn since i got it last december and collect angpaos and spend them on MORE CLOTHES HA HA HA! now let me go gobble up some of them delicious kueh bung kit!

have a happy CNY everybardyyy!

don’t forget to HUAT HUAT HUAT AH!!!


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  1. yah no harry v2!


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