where’s harry?

the product of a very restless lecture

discovered on the front of the notes that kaye helped me print

harry 1, hiding beneath a blackhead lol!

harry 2 in a benzene ring!

harry 3 on a shelf full of clearasil!

harry 4!

harry next to a topical antibiotic for acne!

and between cassy and i, we have this little challenge of trying to copy stupid retarded animations/pictures that are meant to be supplementary to a powerpoint slide, and thus not included in the notes. haha as a parody of the kiasu copy-everything-you-see culture that is so prevalent in NUS :/

yes, i am guilty of it though. but heck, you need it to survive!

check out my drawing skillz LOL! and kaye simply had to name him harry, even though the real harry is not as fugly and nerdy LOL


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