thingums on my fingums

despite hearing the occasional condescension that girls who occupy their time by engaging in brainless activities like painting nails are regarded as bimbos, i refuse to conform to such an absurd correlation and give up the one thing that keeps me happy week after week in a lifeless routine of school.

and in doing so, i’ve managed to collect a whole series of nail polish in the time that i started becoming obsessed about it. i started out with SaSa because they had cheap nail polish. and then moved on to faceshop because their nail polish was better quality and just as cheap! and then i was introduced to OPI. but once you’ve experienced OPI, you don’t ever go back.

so far, i’ve accumulated 8 bottles of OPIs. haha i usually pick the same few colours of blue, purple, red and pink. i NEVER NEVER buy OPI from departmental stores like Metro or Sephora. its insane, one bottle sells for like $23! instead, i prefer to buy them from online sprees or at nail polish booths that are occasionally set up at NUS bazaars. however, the authenticity of OPI that you buy from online sprees can be a little bit doubtful at times. and until now, i still have no idea how to tell the difference. but kaye says the viscosity is lower. unfortunately, i have no brookfield viscometer to confirm that, so i’ll just have to take her word for it to be on the safe side lol.

however, i’m quite sure that the OPI at bazaars are quite authentic. anyway, suelynn managed to make good friends with the woman that comes to science bazaars every once in awhile to sell OPI. once, she gave us a lecture once about how to tell the difference between real and fake. and like most lectures, i tend to zone out, so i forgot what she said lol. haha there’s something about a sticker at the bottom of the bottle. ah but whatever. not her selling fake OPI to me can already.

anyway this time around, when she came, suelynn’s cousin-in-law asked her to buy like 17 bottles (HOW CAN ANYONE NEED SO MANY NAIL POLISH FOR PERSONAL USE?). in addition to the 2 bottles i wanted, plus 1 for kaye, 4 for cassy, 1 for mag, 1 for shuyi, 1 for shilei and 2 for suelynn herself (yes, she managed to gather a whole bunch of us to crowd round the booth on thursday afternoon), the kind woman gave us at $10.50 per bottle. so i got my 2 bottles of OPI for less than the retail price of 1 bottle in Sephora.

we really deserved the discount lor, our ‘crowd effect’ was also damn effective in attracting more people who were shuffling around between lessons. although it annoyed me that there were suddenly all these girls severely invading my personal space to reach out for the same nail palette that i wanted to look at.

anyway, we went to visit the nice OPI woman (i really should find out her name) at her booth again today. and when suelynn and i decided to buy some cute nail art pieces, she offered to stick on some on one finger FOC! so nice right!!! so now i have an apple on my fourth finger, in addition to some tiny crystals and beads.

i was late for lab because of that lol! and if not for the gloves that were protecting my hands from the atropine, i would’ve spent the entire lab session oggling at my nail!


in the end i couldn’t resist and went back to the booth after prac to get some crystals and beads. turns out that the FOC nail art service was, indeed, a clever marketing strategy! hahaha!! can’t believe i spent $50 on my nails in the last 3 days.

i bought metallic swirly colours this time around!

copper mountain copper, mother road rose

i have on the latter now because i figured i wanted to save the ‘mother road rose’ for cny (since it matches my outfit better).

ooh ooh! and then the nice OPI woman (actually now i think she’s becoming more scheming than nice) showed us this awesome top coat, called Seche Vite, and sampled it on suelynn’s little finger. wah lao it is like bloody shiny and smooth when compared to the lacklustre and inferior $2.95 faceshop topcoat. plus, it’s fast-drying and helps to preserve the colour for a longer time. omg we were sold man. cassy, kaye, suelynn and i all bought a bottle for $18. yea, quite expensive but it really beats wasting money on lousy topcoats and having shitty-looking nails because of that.

so while i was slacking around on a friday evening and refusing to do any work, i got down to pasting some crystals onto my toenails, since i figured i would keep them until CNY. haha i realised that the leftover crystals i had to zhng my laptop could actually be used for nails as well! omg looks like i’m going to be returning to arab street very soon for more crystals!

i stuck on a couple of crystals, and spent a long time chasing the microscopically small pearls (1 mm diameter) all around with a metal forceps until i managed to stick them on. wah after that i had super bad backache and leg cramps.

haha i'm working on the skillz. right now it's a stick-them-wherever-i-like-on-impulse

can’t believe i just spent 1 hour talking about nails. ok time to sleep hahaha BYE!


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  1. hahaha i read it as mother red rose and was thinking how come u so vulgar. then i realised perhaps i was the vulgar one.

  2. ya you are mother vulgar lol!!! see you on tues chubbsss


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