d-lister yo!

turns out i’m a dean lister, WHAT UP!

hahahahaha i was clearing my NUS email this morning- usually i leave it stagnant for a couple of days and only log on every once in a while to clear the unopened emails. anw i saw this email titled ‘Dean’s List Recipients for Semester 1 AY 2009/2010’. and i thought to myself, ‘chey wah lao, tell me who get dean’s list for what. make me feel stupid only‘.

i was going to check the box to have it deleted with the rest of the other spam mail, but on second thought, i was kaypoh to find out who in pharmacy got to be on this imba list, so i decided to click on it.

and the contents of the email left my jaw hanging open for a full 10 seconds.

lol! i dont even know what Dean’s List actually means. i just know it means that person is crazy-smart and eurgh confirm mugger. hahah but thanks to google, i found out that you have to get cap 4.30 and above, and be in the top 7% of pharm.

hahaha this is like winning 4D without actually buying any 4D tickets. completely unexpected!

and now i’m cursing my stupid HP printer for breaking down today, just when i need to print out the email to go collect my cert. bleh!


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    Don’t care about stupid people who are jealous, you deserve it!
    ❤ ya!!

  2. hey don’t worry about your haters. they can kiss my ass first before they can get to you with their inane comments.


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