k-kind of buzy

took a break of school and studying (lol okay who am i kidding, i’m totally not studying at all) to hit the club yo! haha except that it wasn’t the conventional wednesday night clubbing because i can’t afford being hungover on the 10am to 4pm marathon lecture thursday. and i can’t pon either because that’ll be the end of me.

nonetheless, i’m totally over the clubbing withdrawal symptoms already. had too much of the good thing over the hols, until it started to slip down the shitty path called ‘i can name multiple reasons why clubbing sucks’. a few of which include:

1. alcohol tastes like shit. it’s the high that’s great but the getting there really sucks. sometimes i feel like a prisoner of war being force fed cranberry vodka through a rubber hose until my stomach explodes.

2. puking after drinking too fast

3. getting puked on by other people who are too inconsiderate to walk to the loo to do it

4. unfortunate encounters with people you don’t want to encounter ever again

5. being snubbed by unfortunate encounters to show how cool they are now

6. stupid girls who wear heels and don’t watch where they walk

7. bad music (sometimes)

8. persistent grindy perverts

9. long toilet queues and a constantly full bladder (sucks to be me)

10. crawling to bed at the end of everything and wasting half of the next day sleeping

there. although i am not completely dismissing the idea of a wednesday night clubbing altogether! i’m only reminding myself why it shouldn’t be done in excess.

thank god recess week is coming.. LOL

ANYWAY, back to what i was saying before the huge digression: we went for Blackout, which is the nussu bash that is held at the F1 pit building. honestly, i think it was smart that they cut down on location cost and made a better use for the savings by getting Andrew T to deejay.

unfortunately though, the space was TOOO large. this is usually a problem in a club, and i never could understand why clubs are so freaking small until now. the pit building space was so massive, it was the size of like Topshop Vivocity. and after the pageant, half the crowd went home. so there were too little people left to fill out the dancefloor. actually, the amount of people there would’ve only filled like 1/2 of phuture’s dancefloor LOL. damn sad right.

i’ll get on to that later. but first, i have to say that the pageant girls are bloody stick thin! i don’t know how it’s possible to walk without any part of their bodies wiggling just a teeny bit! eh but i’m still not motivated enough to diet because i can never give up my steam chicken indonesian rice.

watching the half nekkid guys felt so much better and less demoralizing. it’s amazing what a good swagger does to your appeal. sadly though, the best-looker walked like the stage was a bed of needles, plus someone constantly poking his butt with a stick every 2 seconds.

i don’t think i was paying attention at the end but i’m sure the SDE guy won (: haha i have a fantastic eye for things like that because i already spotted his talent wayyyy back in year 1 sem 2, when i used to go engine macs alot to eat (:

yea well halfway through, it got boring because we could hardly hear what they were saying. and when we did, the things they were saying weren’t exactly very interesting. although i wish i did remember all the kinky things they tried to act out during the improv section but FAILED completely lol. shane and medicine girl was the best out of the lot, haha because they already prepared a kinky poem backstage.

the drinks they had weren’t very exciting. there was lychee martini and watermelon martini but then they were served in such baby portions, super not worth $8. so beer was better instead. haha but suelynn and i pre-drinked some disgusting alcopops before were went it, so it was pretty easy to get high. had 2 beers after we went in, but not enough to get rid of the nagging migraine completely ):

pictures anyway!

cassy with her many layers. that's a cropped top worn over a tube dress lol!

hahaha butt-smacking action

cassy and i kept disturbing prudish suelynn the entire night by smacking her butt or gently caressing her back. revenge for her saying that i have a fat back.

suelynn, ‘WAHHH! YOUR BACK SO NICE TO POKE! mine only can feel ribs leh!’

kns…because of that i made myself go running today even though i had a headache and have painful post-heel-wearing feet.

told you, my hair still looks wayy less red next to cassy's

was secretely preparing to rest my hand on her butt

gah sian luckily i’m finally going back to redo the purple. it looks so white and patchy at the moment!

well back to the lousy dance party after the pageant. eh i tell you, the music was so so so good. it’s one of the more amazing mixes that Andrew T spun. it’s such a pity that the atmosphere wasn’t right!! we tried squeezing ourselves into the middle of the crowd. but then got freaked by weirdos all around us. punjabi MC guy kept hitting me while doing his vigorous bangra dancing moves. and coat-check guy tapped my shoulder and pointed to this pile of heels in the middle of his clique’s circle and offered my hurting feet his heel-deposit service. if all that wasn’t annoying enough, there was this chain of spontaneous people weaving in and out of the crowd like a bunch of girl guides and boy scouts at a campfire.

so we were resigned to the back, where we decided to watch and learn from this guy who was doing some interesting hopscotch dance moves. we were high enough to the extent of copying him, and he was absolutely clueless about it despite being just 1 metre away LOL! and then this silly cassy broke his trance-like state and asked him to teach ME some moves. idiot! hahaha but he was very nice and decided to entertain us with step-by-step tutorials from level 1 to 3 moves. next time i can try it at phuture, kicking everyone within 1 metre radius of me on the sardine dancefloor!

ah that was all the interesting stuff that happened. oh although not forgetting the 2 sluts who started grinding each other in the middle of a circle of cheering and leering boys. suelynn and i were just watching them when this perv misinterpreted our look of disbelief for a look of ‘CAN I PLEASE JOIN IN THE GRINDING ACTION?‘ and he was all like ‘COME ON! JOIN IN!

eh, you not so lucky

we left the sad place at 1am and i’m super amazed that i was in bed by 2am! haha earlier than a normal weekend night when i’m watching greys and himym at home!

i made myself wake up at 10am today because there was the dimsum buffet at miramir hotel! i’ve never even been in that ancient building before, much less heard of the dimsum buffet. haha the restaurant is a little dodgy though. it still had leftover decorations from darren and magdaleine’s wedding. i wonder how old those are and how lazy the staff are for not clearing it up.

shark's fin (where egg >>>> fin), siew mai, pai gu, fried carrot cake and eraser dumpling

om nom nom

lol but for $20, and that much food, i can’t complain that much. the chicken feet, siew mai, and porridge was yummy! chee cheong fun and some dumpling that tasted like eraser not so yummy. i had mango pudding AND watermelon sago for dessert. haha how often do you get to have 2 desserts! anyway, both were pretty good (:

and then we went to 313 because i thought today was saturday and there was free ice-cream at maggie moo’s. but dammit i was a day too late. hahaha a blessing though, because that would’ve taken me right off the weight-watch program.

am glad i ran today and beat last week’s timing! (: on a sidenote though, i HATE strollers who occupy the entire pavement. wah it’s already a challenge to keep my legs moving, much less think of ways to siam these snails. damn stressful man! when you hear my desperate panting noises, get out of the way man!

ah bleh, its monday again ): and week 4 already..i feel some nagging pressure to start studying soon ): peace out yo!


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