red and purple

the approaching CNY was giving me reason to get rid of my disgusting black roots that were peeking out from the top of my head like perverts. so yesterday i booked myself an appointment at formula cuts, far east.

i’ve dyed my hair four times so far and it’s always been brown because i didn’t have the guts to switch to being a redhead. besides, when you’re on public transport hair-watching, you’d realize that 4 out of 5 people have brown hair. so there’s really not much basis for inspiration of red hairstyles.

but then awhile back, cassy turned up at a lunch outing with an entire crown of bright red and copper hair. and after a few adjustments to the burst of colour in school, i finally got around to appreciating the idea of red hair.

i left it up to the hair stylist, candace, to choose the colours for me. i just told her i wanted purple and red streaks on a red base. and she planned the arrangement of the streaks and the shades of red and purple to use. yes, she’s awesome like that! 😀

i sat there quietly for 3 whole hours, letting this annoying assistant manhandle my head like it was a freaking barbie doll’s- she was tugging and pulling at my hair and beating in the aluminium strips like i have no pain neurons in my head at all! at one point in time, she put in streaks in the wrong place and candace made her clean it off. wtf!!! after that she was unsupervised for the rest of the time and i was bloody worried that she might screw up my hair.

anyhow i passed the long ardous time by reading a thousand splendid suns. and when my eyes got too tired, and mind too fried from the depression, i eavesdropped on the other hairstylists and their customers. haha i was particularly amused with one hairdresser, who seemed to experience a drastic change in accent when she was serving a Brit customer. it was so ARTIFICIAL, because when her colleagues talk to her, she would stop in mid-conversation with the angmoh to reply them in singlish. then resume the strangely-accented english with the Brit and attempt to establish some kind of bonding by talking about the weather in UK.

honestly, who gives a shit about the weather.

and i’m in the corner, laughing my ass off in my head because i can do a much better accent than her, and because i know she’s probably only been to UK once, but talks about it like it’s her hometown.

lol and i also eavesdropped on the conversation the annoying assistant was having with candace. i could detect every bit of tension, sarcasm and annoyance in the tone of their voices- an imaginary bitch fight brewing right over the top of my vulnerable head.

i swear she was tugging on to my hair extra hard after being told off by her superior. knn…

well after the first hair wash, i returned to my seat and got a shock because i had white patches of hair on my head! it turns out that they were only bleaching the parts for the purple, and have yet to put in the colour. so i sat there for another half an hour while the purple was squeezed in and left to set. it’s damn tedious to retrieve all the bleached strands of hair that was meant for the purple la! seriously need alot of patience and good eyesight to do this kind of thing. i think i rather do bacteria staining for the rest of my life than be a hairdresser LOL.

after the second wash, candace was blowdrying my hair and i could see all the fantastick colours!!! sadly though, she said that the purple didn’t stick ): so i’m going back on monday to get it done again. haha i can imagine the frustration of having to collect all the light purple strands again and redye it. poor her ):

nonetheless, i’m quite happy with the end product! although i hate that the progress i had made with growing my hair for the last 4 months was instantly vapourized in 5 minutes.

here we go!

probably can’t see the purple yet because it’s all in front. anyway it’s kinda looking like a sickly purple at the moment, so better to show it only after monday! (:


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  1. I give a shit about UK weather cos it’s freezing my ass off ): MISS YOU MICHY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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