kublai kaye

having alot more days with pharmacy modules being packed one after the other, like wassants in a bag (sorry i was craving for some), we’re having alot more common breaks with cassy the usp scholar.

which brings me to my next point. hanging out with cassy really equips you with a whole supply of the funniest anecdotes that you can use as conversational starters with a mutual friend, or a conversational starter with any random person actually.

one of which is the mongolian incident over lunch today:

cassy is polishing off the last of her ayam penyet, when she turns to kaye (friend of 3 whole semesters) suddenly and asks are you pure chinese?

and the rest of us, especially kaye, returns the question with the ‘are-you-seriously-asking-this‘ look, which kind of looks like -,- actually, lol!

then cassy goes on to explain herself and say that kaye ‘looks mongolian


and all i could think of was genghis kaye, or like kublai kaye khan. LOL!

kublai kaye khan


cant believe i spent 20mins on adobe photoshop to get this done.

you can totally picture kaye horseback riding and commanding a bunch of mongolians to war with motivational battle cries of CHIONGGGG AH!!!!, and HUATTTT AHHH!!!! when victory is accomplished.

oh btw, while jaywalking across the road to computing block for pharmaco lect, kaye suddenly dashed up in front of cassy and i, and yelled out a little too enthusiastically, ‘CHIONG AHHH!

and then the girl immediately next to the sudden shrill noise spun around and shot kaye a puzzled look. one second later, the three of us burst into hysterical laughter and ran across the road like maniacs fresh out of IMH.


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  1. you’re so dead! hahaha. anyway having no tagboard sucks! ):

  2. why! comments are just as fun!

  3. no… tagboards are better. anyway what’s really not fun is the monograph! ):


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