the one with the screwing (for the thing) on the table

one week ago, i decided i could no longer tolerate the clutter on the usual table that i studied at. that’s one. second was because that table was actually meant to be a dining table, but my family eats out most of the time, thus explaining the evolution of its function to adapt to more important needs.

anyway, i managed to persuade my parents to clear out the remaining amount of junk that has been nestling in my room since forever, and to get me my very own workspace. pharmacy is a hardcore course yo, i need plenty of space to do my nerd stuff.

so while to table was scheduled to arrive today from vhive, on friday i went IKEA shopping with suelynn! any excuse to get my hands on the pretty things they sell there lol.

and suelynn is the best person to IKEA shop with too! because she’s like a mum and knows what most of the stuff at IKEA are for exactly. so like if i’m examining a laundry bag really closely and thinking out loud that it would be a very good idea for a dustbin, esp since its collapsable too and thus easier for me to carry home, she’d cut my train of loud thoughts and say that it is a laundry bag, period.

after 2 hours of wheeling the trolley up and down both levels, here’s what i had in my loot:

1. red work lamp $14.90: i bought it because it was deceivingly cheap (stupid bulb was separately sold for 12.90) and it came in RAD.

2. alarm clock $1.50

3. mouse pad $0.90: because it came in RAD ALSO 😀

4. document tray $12.00: i bought it in white and nearly popped my eyeballs out when i came home and realized that it also came in red while browsing the 2010 IKEA catalogue. i’d better not spot it lurking around the next time i visit alexandra IKEA.

5. organization box $9.90: very disappointed because i discovered that the hinge was already broken when i removed the wrapper. but bloody lazy to travel all the way back to exchange, so i’m stuck with it. kinda gives the box character anyway right?

6. photo frames $2.90/3pcs: aww to display photos of all my frenz ❤

a little earlier in the week i also went to popular and bought this sticky 3M board to paste all my postits and photos on. wasn’t cheap leh, i think it was $19.90, but it’s really functional, AND THEY HAD IT IN RAD HAHAHA.

also, gen, whom is exceptionally resourceful in household stuff (nicer way of saying ‘auntie’), showed me to the taka basement sale, where i found other organization baskets and magazine holders for as cheap as $3! 😀

unfortunately though, when the table came today, i realized that i forgot how small it was when i ordered it a week ago. in my head, the table had magically expanded to a luxurious 60″ by 40″ office table with drawers and shelves to accommodate the numerous things that i’d bought over the course of the week. thankfully though, the most important part was settled- the table fitting into the tiny space allocated for my workspace. as for the other things: the document tray now occupies 1/3 of the table, the lamp is sitting on the chest next to the table (helps reduce the glare), and the magazine holder has found some other use elsewhere.

ta dah!

yes i am replacing that hideous chair soon

the document tray

wah i was up at 2am last night screwing screws with a screwdriver (duh what else) to assemble this thing all by myself! k i’m quite sure it’s actually fairly simple, but i took a long while before i understood the instruction manual. haha nonetheless, i’m so proud of myself for being so handy and independent! (:

rad mouse pad, rad lamp, and rad board!

well tomorrow will be my first shot at attempting some studying at the table. haha i hope that works out.

anyhow today i went running again. yes i made a once-a-week running pact with my reluctant tummy and so far i’ve been living up to it. not bad neh! i actually forced myself to run a fifth round! finished in 14.27 mins so i suspect that the distance of 5 rounds is probably only 2km ): one of these days, i’m going to find an ipod app that clocks in the distance i run. and before that, i’m going to figure out what the precise word is for that before i can do a search in the app store.


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  1. i resent being “like a mum”! so not true, please. haha


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