sucks to be straight

a few days ago i bought a hair curling iron. and because it was simply a whimsical attempt to try out the whole curling technology, and of course to see what it’ll be like to have curls, i just got the most economical curling iron in the market: the $19.90 one from watsons hahaha.

ya i know by the sound of it, it’s probably not going to be as awesome as the $89.90 philips pro curling iron. but i strongly believed that it was the technique of curling that mattered.

and after doing minimal research (recalling from my past experience of watching a video on hair curling), i tried it out for the first time.

k first of all, i think i was supposed to have heated the iron for 20 minutes because its the first time. but i was in a rush so i started curling after 10 minutes of leaving it to bake. and it took me awhile to get used to the kiapping hair in the clamp, dragging it down, and rolling it back up routine. my face touched the iron a couple of times but it wasn’t as painful because i guess, it wasn’t heated maximally lol.

thus, the first attempt resulted in barely any drastic curling, maybe just waves here and there. but it kinda gave my normally flat boring straight hair more volume. so i guess i enjoyed the feeling of having more hair touching the sides of my shoulders and arms.

second attempt, i realized the iron was much much hotter after just 10 minutes. and i learnt that the hard way, when i accidentally burnt my face and neck multiple times from being a noob and judging safe distances between flesh and iron.

i decided to take up smaller clumps of hair instead. which meant it was more tedious but the curls were slightly more prominent. although still not as fantastic as when you use the $89.90 iron i guess.

all the hair burning made my hair super dry too. so i put some hair moisturizer on the ends after that for fear that they might eventually drop off before i master the technique of curling.

anyway after like 30 minutes of using the curling, i only managed to get my hair to the same amount of curliness as cassy’s and suelynn’s natural curls -,- dammit sometimes i wish i didn’t have straight hair.

well but not to worry, i’m positive that there’s a way of getting around the $19.90 quality of a curling iron by improving the method. off to watch more tutorial videos of silly angmoh girls trying to teach people hair-curling when they super cannot multi-task and the number of times they drag their sentences with and…… exceeds the number of curls they actually get on their head.

blake lively curls, here i come!

beautiful-blake-lively.jpg (373×498)


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