crabby crab


although i’m not exactly thankful because i have a pile of work waiting for me over the weekend. you know your life is tragic when you have to start researching about Dextromethophan Syrup on the first weekend of school ):

anyhow to celebrate TGIF, i went down to raffles place to sample a taste of the typical office-worker’s lunchtime, since i’d never get the chance to work there in the future.

honestly though, i’m VERY relieved i don’t have to.

the lunchtime culture there is most ungracious! i always thought the tissue paper chope-ing phenomenon was a much-exaggerated local myth. but HELL NO! everywhere i went, there were stupid tissue packets marking out territories on tables. although it is extremely tempting to pretend not to subscribe to such a lame-ass piece of logic and take those seats anyway, thinking to oneself ‘wow, got free tissue paper somemore’, i have no balls to face the wrath of the office bitches who will return and threaten to pour hot noodle soup on you if you refuse to return their seats.

disgusting really. singapore should come up with some anti-tissue packet chopeing campaign to rid society of such ugly behaviour.

had R burger for lunch! it was the first time i tried the local burger chain and i’m positive that it is the best burger i’ve ever had, second only to MOS burger’s teriyaki chicken. i love the bread they used in the R burgers! its like pao bread! and apparently it’s infused with collagen, so if you eat R burger every week, you will have supple skin (: although much fatter thanks to calories. wah my cephalic phase is fully activated just thinking about the burger. the drinks kinda suck though. the green tea was so bland and weird, next time i’ll just have the burger alone.

after lunch i flew solo to keppel bay tower to get my camera repaired for my mum who needs it for her exchange trip to Perth. totally overestimated the waiting time la. i was done in 15 minutes and had nearly 2 hours to kill before lessons at 430. but fret not, there was vivo nearby (: so i went shopping all around. shopping is probably one of the only things that feels damn shiok even when you do it alone. i finally convinced myself to ride on the cropped-top fashion wagon. bloody hell better not go out of fashion soon, i just spent $46 on one at topshop today.

then pharmacology lecture for an hour. the lecturer was practically rapping the whole way. i am officially lost. and this is only lecture 2 ):

and after school, we went to engseng to eat crab!

so shiok to finally lick the famous black pepper sauce off my fingers after such a long time! we took 1 whole hour to ravage the bodies of the two crabs, plus delicious chinese mee goreng and xiao bai cai. in total, it cost us about $55- i suppose a fair price to pay for such a wonderful gastronomic experience.

mee goreng with bouncy bouncy smack smack prawns

the last dignified pose before it's body gets ravaged by us animalzzz

not such a crabby day after all!


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