the thing that rhymes with cool

its day 4 and i must say i’ve adjusted pretty darn well!

the awesome thing about this semester is the fact that the earliest i have to wake up is 7am, which is fantastic since i’ve yet to kick my holiday 2am bedtime habit.

and my econs elective, although a nightmare to relive, is great as well because there are webcasts for the lectures! so my Wednesdays are liberated for doing other happening outside-school stuff. like drugs and gangs.

in my defense though, i did attend the first econs lecture this week. despite them using the largest lecture theatre in the entire campus, LT 27, the freaking room was full to the brim!!! it felt like sitting at the floating platform on national day, and straining my ears to eavesdrop on a performer on the stage.

and with that many people, i kept getting distracted with people-watching. but that kinda sucked because there were WAYYY too many people so i couldn’t pick a target to focus on. plus, to people-watch in LT 27, you kind of need a binoculars to reach all the way across the other end. screw it, i’ll save that for tutorials, where the room is smaller lol!

well but after 1 hour, i had enough of trying to block out the boring nerds behind, who were revisiting their wonderful memories of economics at A levels. if you wanna talk in lecture, at least talk about that friend who had wild hostel sex without the drawing his blinds.

so suelynn and i left. and being the diligent hardworking person that i am, i went home to read the notes okay. and i’m so gonna watch the webcast over the weekend. i think that’s a better learning system.

well pharm people are pretty much the same though, except for a few new hairstyles and wardrobe changes (for some, an improvement. for others, please read a magazine instead of the pharmacopoeia). and nope, no new couples that i’ve uncovered just yet. although i spotted alot of physical subtext between 2 people today. the casual ruffle of your fingers through his hair, or the simple caress of your hand on his shoulder. things like these never escape my eyes, friends. naughty naughty! 😉

sadly though, i’ve not been able to eat lunch in school much. i know i used to say that science canteen suckz. but now it has indonesian padang!! oh how i miss my beloved grilled chicken. at least i had ABC soup for lunch today because i had some time in between the 6 hour breakless lecture marathon.

that’s about all from week 1. i can tell that it’s gonna get worst as the weeks progress but the only way to deal with it is to take it easy yo! anyway at least this sem has more relevant modules that will actually prepare me to be a real pharmacist. finally i will actually not need to rely on gut feeling when attempting to advice friends on drugs and whatever. how the hell am i suppose to know what really cures diarrhea after months of just learning how pseudoplastic liquids flow and naming a compound with a hundreds of nomenclature rules?

well here’s pharmacy fact #1 for you!

don’t take paracetamol for muscle pain because it doesn’t have anti-inflammatory properties! instead, take ibuprofen!


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  1. I KNOW OF A NEW COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


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