blistering barnacles

amazing sunset at ECP

after slogging, actually no, more like breezing through the sandwich-making process- i realised it’s SO MUCH EASIER with experience and with someone else to help you. hahah from taking 1.5 hours the last time (all by my noob self), we managed to finish everything in half an hour. nice!

we bought garlic foccacia bread from the cold storage bakery depot at parkway, along with cowhead light cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and apple ham. i think i’d call it the suzy sub, haha since suelynn was the one who gave me the recipe before.

of course, the suzy sub was mouthwatering-ly good! yes, i know you tend to say stuff like that about the food you make. but seriously i think it does taste quite awesome.

suzy sub!

it took about half an hour to walk to the desired spot though. i wanted to see the cable skiing area, which was like 3km away from the point we entered ECP. so like we walked and walked and walked until old blisters burst and new ones started to appear. well but i read in Cleo that 30 mins of (brisk) walking (3 times a week) will help you to lose weight. so if you ignore the parts in brackets, today’s walk would be considered a fairly slimming activity!

wah saw so many tiny dogs along the way. they look more like guinea pigs on leashes rather than dogs! haha but cute nonetheless, especially the delicately groomed toy poodles! they look like things you hug to sleep at night and then fling off the bed halfway through the night.

haha and cable skiing looks freaking hard although damn kewl. i’d stick with trying to pick up wakeboarding first though, looks much easier than being dragged around by a cable like a bitch.

we ended up picking a nice spot overlooking the other side of the sea. the evening sun was setting so it got more breezy. couldn’t ask for better weather for a picnic! (:

on the hard gravel that hurt my ass

hee hee! reminiscent of the himym sandwich scene again


you were the last good thing about this part of town

when it got dark and strange insects started to swarm around, we packed up and walked a little further to Lagoon- some hawker centre that’s famous for its satay beehoon. actually it looks like it has loads of other good food also. the entire place was packed, even at 9pm! where there is good food, there are Singaporeans.

hmm not particularly crazy about satay beehoon on a normal basis so i dunno how to judge what good satay beehoon should taste like. but yea i suppose i could say its not bad!

haha anyway! this morning, i was awoken to someone shouting


at first i thought it was dreaming, and got pretty annoyed because this idiot was making so much noise. and then i woke up and realized it was real. so i jumped out of bed, with hair and clothes all disheveled, to answer the door and collect, what was to be, my ASOS package. hahaha who cares if the postman sees me in my unglammest.

so happy with all the things i bought! gotta find an occasion to wear my lace-back top since school has started and my party days are over- glad though, because my skin is finally giving way to all the late nights and booze.

haha i ordered some anatomicals nonsense that were on sale also! lip balm, eye gel and mints! i love their packaging because they bother to compress so much rubbish humour on one tiny tube of something.

Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless Mints

excuses, excuses 😉

the mints are called ‘snog me senseless mints’ LOL! and on the back it writes:

a smooch should be tender, a smooch should be romantic, a smooch should be…whoah, just put a lead on your partner and call them Fido. keep breath snogmatastical fresh with these mints. when Cher sang ‘it’s in his kiss’, we bet she didn’t mean halitosis.

HAHA right?

here’s what is says on the tube of eye gel

no old bags allowed

wake up late. scream. look in the mirror. scream. look again. scream. wonder where your youthful good looks went. apply this soothing gel under the eye area. realise those looks were just hiding all along.

Anatomicals Lips & Eyes ASOS Exclusive SAVE £1.50

lip blam on left and eye gel on right

hahaha i wonder who sits in the anatomicals office and comes up with all these nonsense to print on their packages.


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