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shaun the foodie made us walk a torturous distance all the way from bugis mrt to haji lane to try this Indonesian restaurant called Bumbu. check it out here http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/bumbu_restaurant_kandahar_street/

the place has a pretty elaborate and authentic interior, although given my lack of knowledge about indon culture, it looks slightly more peranakan than indon to me.

check out the wide angle. amazing right!

the restaurant owner recommended us a few of their popular dishes, so we ordered them in the smallest size so that we could sample the maximum amount of dishes. the portions are pretty generous also! a small size portion (usually to serve for 4 people) was surprisingly sufficient for the 9 of us. sufficient meaning like 1-2 scoops la, and if greedier, maybe a little more.

i think in total we ordered at least 10 different dishes though. let me test my memory:

butter oat squid – damn awesome, must try!

mango salad soft shell crab

prawn cake

sambal kang kong

beef rendang

tahu telur- some tofu cubes that are super yummy!

broccoli with crab meat sauce

sweet and sour chicken?? i know its some other flavour, but tastes like sweet and sour anw

coffee chicken- very salty, yuck

some fish thingy

overall i really enjoyed the food, and i’d definitely come back again sometime! the service there is not bad too. they’re not all obnoxious despite having awesome reviews, unlike the eng seng crab place people ugh.

shaun's classic orgasmic face - tells you how good the food is

byebye melly ):

joel and his penis lauren shirt

i know the perfect chinese phrase for this picture: QUAN JIA FU! 😀

on a side note, i’m so sad that today is the last weekday of freedom before school starts ):


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