the night of the projectile vomitting

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last night was meant to be the last time that we’d be able to go butter all carefree and unbothered about anything that has to do with school. unfortunately though, the night was less than satisfactory.

on a fun scale of 1 to 10, i’d say that certain events rapidly depleted an awesome 10: ‘CLUBBING-WAS-SO-AWESOME’, to a miserable 1: ‘IM-GLAD-I-WONT-BE-GOING-FOR-AWHILE’

haha but i guess i had myself to blame for some of the fun-depletion. i drank too much too fast, and i felt sick around 12plus. had to get rid of all the toxic fluid in the toilet ): well at least i had the courtesy to know what my vomit-suppressing limit is and when to visit the toilet to relief myself.

some asshole was so drunk he vomited in the freaking club! and rebecca and i were so unfortunate to be near him when it happened. his projectile vomit hit everything and everyone within a 1 metre radius around him. luckily i chose not to wear jeans. actually, luckily asos didn’t deliver my clothes or i would’ve worn my favourite pair of  jeans with the lace-back top and then subsequently gotten vomit on it. yup, looking at the bright side of everything, way to go!

second mood dampener was dropping my camera. haha suelynn and i were so high that when i was passing her the camera, it fell onto the floor and BAM the lens is now crooked and won’t retract ):

tried fixing it all night but gravity did a sweet job of ruining the lens. and it costs $150 to repair it :S well but anyway, since i’ve been wanting to get a new camera for quite some time, i guess last night sealed the deal for me lol! way to look at the bright side of shit again!

so yup i got my mum to make some calls to get me an awesome deal for the Canon Ixus 200 IS. so today i went down and got the purple camera for $490 (the last i saw was $599). i’m no SLR fanatic and i prefer small sexy cameras anyway- imagine slinging an SLR around in a club. so all i have to brag about the 200 IS is its 12.1 megapixels and HD video recording. and of course, its awesome colour. SLR where got so pretty, purple colour one you tell me? now i haven’t got time to figure out all the other stuff but i will in due time. then i will have pseudo-SLR photos that are just as awesome!

anyway back to third mood dampener of the night, an encounter with the person whom i’d least expect to see in there. i don’t know what was the point of it. all i can say is that i hate it when the place that holds the most pleasant memories for me becomes tainted instantly because of one shitty encounter like that.

so yea, we left butter around 2am for rebel. by then i wasn’t feeling too good already so i left awhile later. at least the music and the company home made everything slightly better! (:

and another brightside of it all? i lost 0.5 kg YAY.

lol here are the pictures that i managed to take before the camera came crashing down

shit i forgot half the names of mag's friends already

courtesy of some kind, and kaypoh, guy who noticed that our camwhoring skillz were FAILZ

with rebecca the legal eagle!

OOH yes yes do you see my hazel eyes! hahaha i got coloured contacts yesterday! i bought 10 pairs of dailies, for when i want to be hiao, for $42. i guess i can’t wear them as monthlies because it would ruin the excitement of having brown eyes for select special days. besides, they dont feel as comfortable as normal lenses and my vision tends to be slightly blurry because the iris size is unaccounted for and thus, obscured slightly by the coloured part of the contacts.

nonetheless it was one of the few things that kept me happy the whole of ytd and today haha, yea i wore them out today as well.

pictures taken with the new camera!

the camera lens seems to capture so much more background! awesome for camwhoring (:

testing the macro function- there IS something artistic about an uneaten morsel of weird vege leftover from my tangy tomato soupspoon soup

i know this is highly insensitive, but this SMRT advert really reminded me of the following scene from how i met your mother LOL!


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