steathly UV B

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never never never underestimate what a cloudy day at the beach can do to you.

i’m so burnt on my shoulders are RAD all over! and because the sun was so pathetic, i thought i didn’t have to flip over to tan my back. but HA, UV B was secretly creeping up on me and frying my skin.

anyway stupid cdm decided to choose today of all days to maintain their pool ):

we lay on the hardass deck chairs for 4 solid hours reading magazines (hardcore intellectual Time vs mindless superficial Cleo), sipping on cocktails (Bailey’s comet is my new favourite drink!), and people-watching of course.

bailey's comet! can you tie a knot with the cherry stick using only your tongue? i can't. does that mean i'm a lousy kisser? ):

haha someone once told me that cdm apparently only gets 3 kinds of customers:

1. angmohs

2. heterosexual couples

3. homosexual couples

ooh yea there were plenty of number 1 indeed. fat ones, hairy ones, shriveled ones, and in the rare occasion, hot ones: there were these 2 hotstuff angmoh twins wearing thongs for bikini bottoms man! and like they were strutting everywhere with their round, cellulite-free bums bouncing, how not to stare!

cellulite-free bums ):

ok but on closer inspection, i realised they have butt acne (lol butt-ne). so not flawless bums after all. haha whatever helps me sleep better at night right?

number 2  not so exciting to spy on la, apart from some couple who took off to the beach (and because it was freaking high tide, we could spy on them, from where were sitting, at eye level LOL) and did some strange ballroom dancing in the water. sometimes i have to applaud people for coming up with new ways to frolick in the sea man.

number 3 was behind our chairs and therefore, out of my subtle people-watching range. but then again, after 4 years in IJ (not counting the 6 when everyone was still innocent), stuff like that doesn’t interest me anymore. i think i’m better off watching the L word.

out of boredom, we walked over to the nearby wavehouse sentosa to watch people surfing. hahaha i tell you it takes balls to get up there and try to learn an entirely new sport while everyone is staring and laughing at you down below. even worse when there are banglas using your unglam moment as their background for their touristy photo.

and like all new things, it looks hell easy while watching a pro do it. but i bet when i get up there i’d be swept off the surfing area in no more than 5 seconds.

after that, we went back to nap on the beach chairs until our butts hurt, and then decided to call it a fruitless day of tanning- that is until i looked into the toilet mirror and got a shock of my life because i looked like a cooked chili crab.

time to start investing in sunblock, and yes, staying away from clothes that show off the bikini tan..

darn, i want one of them Wayfarers


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