before the worst

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met up with kaye, suelynn and cass- we totally need a name for easier reference, like ‘HGIP‘, or maybe to be more humble, ‘CGIP‘. definitely cannot be ‘SGIP‘ la cos we usually get pwned for that aspect. hahah go figure 😉

had sun with moon for lunch at clarke quay central. thanks to cassy, i am beginning to frequent the place alot lol! i ate some salmon pasta with salad. pretty damn good! its like salmon + salmon roe on aglio olio styled pasta. so yummy man.

cassy: 'look! it can fly!!'

oh that’s cassy’s new coach btw. it has red sequins all over! BLINGZ!

descending height scale

finally mastered self-timer shots

while cassy flitted off to bugis, the 3 of us walked to chinatown to stock up on supplies from the provision shops in the building next to people’s park complex.

i first discovered it when kaye brought me there last year. basically the shops there sell most of the stuff that guardian/watsons have, but for a cheaper price! like for example, the 200ml veet is only $9.70! i think guardian would sell it for a near double the price. and it’s not fake either because i’ve been using it on my legs for the last 6 months and they (my legs) haven’t corroded yet.

if you have the time, you should check out prices in different shops too because some sell it cheaper than others. ah but i didn’t really bother la. go all the way there already- just buy.

i also bought sunsilk treatment for $5.70, and nexcare acne patch (they actually do work leh) for $5.40.

later we went back to people’s park to hunt down the lingere shop that sells backless bras for really cheap. okay this is as much as i can tell you- its on level 2 and you have to walk past this shop called ‘perfume bar’ and then keep walking straight down. the place is a freaking mess, it took me 15 minutes to comb 2 floors before finding the shop!

after much convincing by the auntie, and partly because she correctly guessed my cup size and kept explaining how she did it- by noticing that i had alot of ‘rou’ (meat) at the sides 😀 thanks auntie, you made my day, so i will make yours. hahaha and after some noob bargaining, we bought a black triumph backless bra for $42 each.

the auntie didn’t let us off without explaining in detail, and a physical demonstration on herself, the best possible technique for attaining ample cleavage with those sticky cups. now i gotta try and remove that strange mental image from my head.

asos please deliver my lace-back top by tomorrow so i can wear it to butter!


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