you go girl!

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i was trying to kill time by looking for new websites to shop online when i found this spree link

at a first glance, what does this look like to you?

You won’t be like a man. You’ll just pee like one.

alright, actually it’s pretty obvious from the caption already haha.

it’s a little plastic funnel to help you pee standing! and although it may sound pretty repulsive when you first think about it- like why in the world would people come up with more and more ingenious ideas to pee right?

but technically it’s really functional. like if the toilet seats are dirty and you can’t do the half squat for nutz. at the same time, there’s not enough toilet paper to line the seats with. or you really need to pee into a bottle in an emergency situation…damn it i should’ve found out about this funnel earlier.

the website says you can use it to avoid crowded bathrooms also. but er…how is that possible without mooning somebody?!

and ok even when you’ve managed to master the technique of being able to pee through the funnel expertly, urinal-style, how are you going to pull off using the sink as a urinal (avoid long queue what right?) and not being arrested for vandalism?! and EVEN THEN, what if people think you’re a tranny who hasn’t gotten used to the long queues of female toilets just yet? hahaha so troublesome!

LOL and guess what, it’s freaking reusable!

so when everyone comes out of the cubicles to wash their hands, you’ll be carrying this dripping wet funnel device and pumping soap from the dispenser to wash it. and then still must dry it and PUT BACK INTO YOUR BAG.

argh…ok major turnoff now. hahaha imagine all sorts of stupid scenarios like when you’re on a date and digging your bag for your wallet and then the funnel slips out and falls onto the floor. and unless you’ve already thought of a perfect excuse to justify the funnel, like ‘oh i need that for baking tomorrow!‘, or ‘i’m midway through an experiment about the rate of flow of liquids through diferent surface textures of funnels‘, you’re pretty much gonna be known as the girl who pees like a man.

check it out anyway haha

and ya, you can buy it in parkway LOL


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