a melodramatic start

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although not the new year i had expected, it was still pretty awesome!

but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t have plenty to complain about la, so here goes:

1. crowd control at cityhall was bullshit

they should’ve done better with planning, considering that NYE is probably one of the few times that there is a crucial need for proper crowd control. it was so dumb! the police were spontaneously barricading an increasing number of places for the sole reason that ‘otherwise it will become very chaotic’, without even telling people alternative routes to get to where they want to go. at least have a sign that redirects people la, instead of standing there and telling people off for trying to squeeze through the metal gates.

its was so lame. we actually had to flash the police our butter fact entry tickets before they allowed jer to go through. hahah wtf logic is that man?

2. not trying to be a xenophobe either, but everyone knows how scary NYE crowds can be, esp with them banglas out to play. had to hug my bag close to my body and protect the remaining vitals to avoid being ‘accidentally caressed’. well however, it was impossible to avoid being visually-molested by their lewd stares.

3. and because of the horrid crowds and lamer barricades, we couldnt get mixers for the alcohol. so we had to drink it straight from the bottle, shot-style haha. but the taste was so repulsive that we sipped only enough to make up like 3 or 4 shots worth of absolut vanilla.

as a result, we were freaking sober the entire night.

4. butter music sucked because it wasn’t the usual Andrew T spinning. it was like 1 good song separated by weird unknown and badly remixed songs.

5. what’s worse was the number of crazy bitches dancing so vigorously. hello, you’re supposed to be club-dancing and not salsa-dancing!

my god, this insane bitch was freaking jumping all over the place in her stilettos, and STABBED my foot with it! hurt so bad, even until now there’s like a visible bruise, and it aches when i walk. hope karma slaps her face with a lousy 2010 man.

6. urgh and needless to say, we were surrounded by poser photography-enthusiasts with their fashion accessory of aSLR dangling around their necks and waiting to be stolen.

ok apart from all that,

fireworks were great! had the best view in my entire lifetime. well i suppose thanks to our awesome choice to party at butter. we watched the 8 minute long display from outside the starbucks area that was barricaded to most of the public who didn’t come damn early to camp there.

there were all these kids positioned behind us with massive party poppers the size of a champagne bottle! when the fireworks went off, i was also trying to duck the spray of cellophane and other nonsense from the badly-aimed cannonballs behind. hahaha found like some gold cellophane flake stuck on my body when i showered that night.

ya my 7.1 megapixel camera is inferior to your SLR. haha but at least my shutter speed fast enough to catch the nonsense from the party poppers!

well, despite all the drama, i hope 2010 gets better starting tomorrow!


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